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Themed Environments and Immersive Experiences

Themed Environments

Themed Environments and Immersive Spaces

Immerse your visitors in an unique three-dimensional experience. DesignShop can design, fabricate and install a diverse array of themed environments and interactive experiences for any museum, retail, corporate or mobile space.

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Themed Environments and Immersive Experiences

DesignShop has a unique blend of talent that allows us to create diverse types of themed environments and immersive experiences for your business.

We develop unique processes to engineer three-dimensional worlds. Our team handles every step of the project. We take your brand from the complete conceptualization, design, and fabrication to the installation of themed environments in your space.

DesignShop's Themed Environment Service Include:

  • Concept Art
  • 3D Modeling
  • CAD
  • Miniature Models
  • Production Molds
  • Sculpting

Our team uses a variety of mediums to create themed environments that will last and immerse your guests in a unique experience.

Design your next themed environment. Call 1-800-685-7702 to get started.


"DesignShop did well managing a tough situation, working between two clients (Bristol Group of Companies and Bacardi USA) and two countries (Bahamas and USA). We received first class service and are very happy with the results. "

Chris FryeBacardi

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