Hitachi 42' x 40'

Size: 42’ x 40’
Show: Pack Expo

Venue: Las Vegas Nevada Convention Center

Hitachi came to DesignShop with three specific needs in mind. The rest was up for interpretation…

  1. Create a modern/industrial feel.
    1. Creating a modern/industrial feel was a unique request. DesignShop utilized extruded aluminum, aircraft cables, and corrugated metal to touch on the industrial side. For the modern elements, DesignShop utilized faux brick, LED lighting, and a nice blend of red and white throughout the space. The rustic wood flooring and natural elements also enhanced the feel.
  2. Mimic a manufacturing environment.
    1. Hitachi has many clients within the food packaging industry and their products are utilized on conveyors. When their product is used in the field, it is common to have conveyors going through walls into different rooms. DesignShop took this idea and made it the focal point of the exhibit. We integrated a conveyor into the arch leg on the exhibit. There were two openings where granola bars would pass through, as they were being marked with Hitachi’s Ink Jet Printers, then given away as a treat on the show floor.  
  3. Open feel with good sightlines throughout the exhibit.
    1. Using perf metal allowed even more transparency to see into the exhibit space. Product displays were kept low and didn’t have any obtrusive graphics blocking the view into this sales environment.

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