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DesignShop was tasked with designing, building and managing a 30x30 custom new build for ACASS. The exhibit had to replicate the look and feel of their international exhibit by creating a hospitality environment to promote relationship building conversations. In addition, an upscale meeting area was required for more in depth discussions.



The exhibit was produced with the goals of comfort, high quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. All of these elements are a part of the ACASS culture and the exhibit had to reflect these key elements. Throughout the process, the teams communicated daily to coordinate the multi show site install.



Attendees were easily able to identify ACASS through the craftsmanship and similarities to their international exhibit. The 16’H seamless backlit graphic panel was an attention grabber along with the hospitality buzz within the exhibit. The client experienced seamless onsite execution, to the point of completion two days before the show was open!


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