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Who Else Can Rent My Trade Show Booth?

When renting a trade show exhibit, it's important to know how your rental provider handles the availability of your booth and who else can rent the same exhibit. Our latest article breaks down the questions you should ask!

Your Rental Trade Show Booth and Show Services

When renting a trade show exhibit or booth - it's important to understand all of the details in your rental agreement or contract. In this article we discuss some of the questions relating to "show services" that you should clarify before signing on the dotted line!

trade show rental expenses

Don't like surprises in your trade show rental program? Know what additional expenses you might or might not incur BEFORE you sign your rental contract or agreement!

Trade Show Rental Programs - Term Discounts and Options to Purchase

Your trade show rental contract should include perks for like long-term rental price breaks and possibly the option-to-buy. When choosing a vendor, be sure to understand your contract.

What You Should Ask Before Signing a Long-Term Exhibit Rental Agreement

My company is planning to rent, rather than buy, our next booth. So as I hunt for rental-exhibit providers, what questions should I ask them before signing a long-term agreement?

Compared to purchasing a new exhibit, renting seems like a short-term commitment with minor risks and a minimal upfront investment. And as such, many exhibitors rush into a long-term rental contract without fully investigating the high points and pitfalls of each agreement and provider.


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