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Sometimes our competition makes it easy for us. There’s just no other way to put it. 

For example, one of our new clients is The National Hot Rod Association. This high performance racing organization is based in Glendora, California and just marked its 60th year in operation. For the past several years, all of their major tradeshow events have been managed by a large national exhibit firm. 

Here at DesignShop, one of the things that really engage us in a project is overcoming a challenge.  Regardless of industry or company size, there are always challenges to be dealt with. In these scenarios, you need options.

What a great time of year.  Family, food, friends…  And for some of us, great co-workers! It truly is great to do what you enjoy for a living. It’s even better to share that experience with others who are just as motivated to achieve excellence. It’s always nice to have the time to slow down and simply enjoy each other’s company, have a few drinks and a lot of laughs. 

Well folks, here we are.  The holidays are upon us and the year is almost over. 

How is this possible – where did the time go?  Hard to believe, I know. 

So, you alone have been given the monumental task of managing a successful tradeshow program for your organization. Stress – growing. Budget – shrinking. It falls to you to facilitate the entire process and at the end… You will be judged.


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"We were all very happy with the results and got a lot of great comments on the booth; even from our own competition so that’s always a good sign. "

Daniel Heguertty, Sales ExecutiveMaster’s Touch