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At DesignShop, our work provides us the opportunity to work with professionals across multiple industries. Every industry from Automotive and Pharmaceuticals, to Pet Supplies has a major event at some point during the year.

At DesignShop, versatility is the name of the game. From custom exhibit rentals to point of purchase displays, we do it all – with unsurpassed quality. We were able to use our unique, specialized skill set to assist one of our new clients with a challenging project.

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Happy New Year, Everyone!  2012 is here and we are ready to go. Everyone is back from the Holiday Break and getting started on new projects, with more on the way. Looking back, 2011 went by so quickly, but we created a lot of truly great custom exhibit designs and established many new client relationships.

With all the focus we place on the tradeshow-centric portion of our capabilities, we tend to understate other areas of our business. Of course, the strength of our custom exhibit rental program makes this an easy oversight. 

Sometimes our competition makes it easy for us. There’s just no other way to put it. 

For example, one of our new clients is The National Hot Rod Association. This high performance racing organization is based in Glendora, California and just marked its 60th year in operation. For the past several years, all of their major tradeshow events have been managed by a large national exhibit firm. 


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