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You consider the new exhibit design rendering on the paper in front of you. The lines are elegant, the presence is significant. Everything has been considered. Branding. Product display. Storage. Customer Engagement Areas.  Setup and dismantle concerns. You must have it.

Pssst… Guess what? DesignShop has a world class custom exhibit shop and an Award-Winning Design Team.  Have we mentioned that? Well, just in case it was missed, moving forward we will be sprinkling in some exhibit design eye candy for your viewing pleasure.

At DesignShop, our strength is derived from multiple sources. Award-winning design, world-class custom exhibit fabrication, and a custom exhibit rental inventory that is second-to-none. We know these things to be true, but more importantly, our clients do as well.

Cue “Mission Impossible” Theme…  Your mission, should you choose to accept it – is to create an exhibit with the following attributes: The structure needs to be fabricated out of lightweight materials, reduce operating costs, yet still be durable and sturdy enough to hold our product.


You may have heard us mention a time or two that we are all about helping our clients do more with less – to “Go Further”. One way to accomplish this as it pertains to your trade show program is to avoid treating each show or event individually.


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"The crew in Vegas truly went above and beyond! "

Karen Kops, Vice President of Product DevelopmentHunter Douglas