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Museum Design & Fabrication

At DesignShop we are proud of the exceptional, innovative projects we create for our clients. We love to work on museum exhibit design but one special project stands out for our team.

Custom Trade Show Flooring

You enter the trade show exhibit hall and are immediately overwhelmed with hundreds of exhibitors. You get the map. You know exhibitors will try to lure you in with samples, the smell of popcorn, a magician, comfy chairs, the dreaded prize wheel - but you have a plan. You will start at the far end and walk up and down the aisles. You promise yourself you will not get distracted.

Trade show exhibit

The IDEA 2013 is the only international nonwoven/engineered fabrics conference & expo event of the year. DesignShop was proud to create trade show exhibits for 5 of their clients who attended the April event in Miami Beach.

European Flair in Trade Show Design

Remember the movie, Cocktail, with young Tom Cruise (you know, before he became brainwashed)? He tossed those bottles in the air, poured mouth-watering libations and dazzled his patrons. The whole point of flair bartending is to entertain patrons and enhance the overall guest experience. And the handsome Tom Cruise is nothing, if not entertaining.


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