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Social Media and Your Trade Show Event

Although you may personally want to avoid social media you simply cannot ignore it in your professional life. Unless you want your company to be ignored. Yes, really.

If 60% of Americans are on Facebook today - wouldn’t it be safe to assume 60% of your trade show attendees are too? And if you don’t engage with these potential clients, your competitors will.

Rental Trade Show Exhibit

You just started working for XYZ and have been charged with creating a trade show exhibit for an upcoming industry trade show. The problem is you have never shopped for a trade show exhibit - what to do? Take a deep breath and do what we all do at this point - search the web.

At DesignShop our goal is to help you improve your brand and sell your product at your trade show booth. We take this very seriously. In fact, today we have called in all of our traveling and in town event supervisors for a roundtable to discuss how we can make sure we are offering a concierge level of service.

Kris Dugan

Please join us in welcoming Kris Dugan as DesignShop's new Creative Director. Kris has been creating innovative designs for over 18 years ranging from products, packaging, point of purchase displays, store fixtures, events, trade show exhibits and environments. He has experience working for small entrepreneurial start-ups and Fortune 500 companies such as American Greetings and Little Tikes.


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"We used DesignShop for our PRI display last year - really stepping up our appearance as a result. "

George Goddin, Project ManagerFord Racing