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Latest Articles from DesignShop

So, you've got your trade show booth designed and the marketing program to compliment your efforts - but have you given the right amount of attention to your booth personnel? It's all about "Boothmanship"!

 DesignShop Knows Fresh Summit Convention and Expo

Each year the Product Marketing Association (PMA) holds its annual conference and trade show event known as Fresh Summit Convention and Expo. The event brings together over 1,000 exhibitors and a whopping 18,000+ attendees from around the world.

This year's event, which ran from October 14-16, was held in beautiful Orlando, Florida - right in DesignShop's own back yard.

An interview with DesignShop's Rajiv Kapur on the benefits and importance of experiential branding and making an emotional connection between yourself and your customers.

Trade Show = Business Through Engagement

In this article, we'll tackle the difference between having a booth at the trade show, exhibiting in the same space versus creating a "brand theater" for your company. As you'll see, creating an experience around your brand can make or break your trade show program's success....

Brand Memory Identity and Face-to-Face Marketing

When creating an events program, (trade shows, special events, mobile marketing etc.) consider the creation of a "Brand Memory Identity". A Brand Memory Identity, as we define it, is a description of the ideal memory your customer should have of your brand. And should be developed as one of your first phases of trade show and event planning.


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"DesignShop did an extraordinary good job. We loved it very much; especially the colors, shape and white carpet in the booth. "

Andreas Kees, Managing DirectorMedmix