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Targeting Personas Through Trade Show Marketing

As marketers, specifically in this case - trade show marketers - we're all familiar with the idea of our "target market" and to that end "target market research". In our efforts to brand and market our business, products and services - we understand that we must know who we're trying to sell to and ultimately what makes them tick.

10 Tips for a Successful Trade Show Experience

As a trade show marketing manager, you're responsible for managing the budget, planning, execution and follow-up of each trade show at which your company exhibits. We thought it would be helpful to provide you with our top 10 list of "ways to ensure a successful trade show" experience for YOUR company.

exhibit rental reduces waste

Custom trade show rental exhibits and booths provide a number of benefits to companies that desire the look and feel of a custom exhibit, but have restricted budgets. There are of course other benefits to renting your trade show booth that include: 

Rental Trade Show Exhibit

When considering your options for your next trade show event, especially if the budget is a bit tight or your company needs to be represented at multiple shows at the same time - rental exhibits could be a very real alternative. Not only are custom rental exhibits a cost effective solution, but trade show exhibit rentals can serve other needs as well:


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