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Compact Modular Exhibits

When looking to purchase a trade show display, don't overlook the flexibility that comes along with compact modular trade show exhibits. What exactly is a "compact modular exhibit" you might ask? Great question my friend! Read on!

Custom Rental vs. Hybrid Trade Show Exhibits

If you're a marketing manager or responsible for the trade show marketing for your company, surely you've read a number of articles about the benefits of custom trade show rentals. Certainly there have been no shortage of articles written about the benefits of renting, renting vs purchasing etc. In fact, we've written a number of these articles - but this is not THAT article.

When to rent and when to buy your trade show exhibit

Many articles have been written about the benefits of renting trade show exhibits (which there are many), but how do you know when you should choose to rent your exhibit, rather than own it?

Let's start with, probably the most important criteria for renting vs purchasing... How many trade shows you exhibit at each year!

Outfit Your Rental Exhibit with Custom Trade Show Graphics

There are many benefits to renting trade show exhibits over purchasing. This is especially the case if you only exhibit at a few shows each year. Or your budget is a bit limited and you like the idea of spending about a third to half the cost of purchasing the same booth!

But you might ask, "how can renting a trade show booth give my company the same custom feel as owning the exhibit"?

Trade Show Rentals - Look Different from Show to Show

Having a fresh and exciting look for your trade show event is important to your brand and is instrumental in attracting visitors to your booth. On the show floor, the trade show exhibit with the biggest "WOW" factor, the newest technologies and the most interactivity often drive the lion's share of traffic and in-turn leads.


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