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Latest Articles from DesignShop

Terrence Young, Beat the Odds and Won a New iPad!

EXHIBITOR2014 Attendee, Terrence Young, stopped by DesignShop's booth on the show's opening day and tried his hand at the MAGIC card game. And being the very first person to play - beat the 3,500 to 1 odds and walked away with a brand new iPad!

DesignShop - Bringing the "MAGIC" to EXHIBITOR 2014

We're Your Team! This is the motto at DesignShop and we exude that statement in everything we do. At EXHIBITOR2014, we'll show attendees how our team of diverse, creative artisans brings MAGIC to each of our client's exhibit programs.

iPad Presentations & Mini-Sites for Trade Shows

Using iPads as low-cost, yet elegant, kiosks at trade show events has become incredibly popular. And no wonder. They look great, can display a number of different types of media and add an interactive touch that enriches the overall experience of your exhibit.

But, if you want to put a real marketing tool in the hands of your booth staff - what are some of the most common, best practices for creating engaging, branded experiences for iPads?

5 money-saving exhibit tips

Everyone, especially marketers, look to get the most bang for their buck when making purchasing decisions. And let's face it - trade show marketing can be expensive.

The costs add up when you consider the booth space, pre-show advertising, your sales staff, the booth itself - and the list goes on...

The Radiance "Ideal Tool"

Ever wish that there was a light-weight and AFFORDABLE trade show exhibit solution that could actually grow and expand with your business? Which could be purchased OR rented? Sounds like a lot to ask, doesn't it??

Well, the good news is - ALL of these feature DO exist and DesignShop's compact modular exhibits are the answer!


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