Choosing a Trade Show Booth Design Company

Choosing a Trade Show Booth Design Company

Trade shows are an excellent way to showcase your business and services. But standing out on the trade show floor to attract visitors to your booth isn’t easy in a sea of creatively designed trade show booths. Hiring the right company to collaborate with you on a custom display helps ensure you won’t be the overlooked booth in the corner. However, finding the right one to help you convey your company's message and services can be difficult. You've worked hard to create the image you present to clients. That means your exhibit can't just stand out, it has to uphold and enhance that carefully managed reputation. Here are a few tips to help you choose the best company to help you with your trade show booth design.

1. Research the Company's Experience

You're spending your company's hard-earned money to create a specific impact and generate sales and leads. You aren't looking for a generic trade show booth design, you're looking for a company that can bring your brand to life. To ensure you pair up with the right exhibit agency:

  • Browse the company's portfolio. Are their previous displays original and creative? Do they convey the feeling you're looking for? 
  • Imagine yourself as your target client. If you were walking by the booths they've created in the past, would you want to stop and check out the services offered there?
  • Do their exhibits present an air of quality and workmanship, or do they seem a little flimsy and lack substance?

Any company can pitch you an idea. You want to find one that has the experience to take it from paper to the trade show floor. Search out a company that has a proven track record of originality and excellence in their field.

D'Addario trade show booth design by DesignShop

2. Check Their References

A company's previous clients help you understand the experience you can expect should you choose to employ their services to design your trade show booth.

This is also a good time to see if they've won any awards or professional recognition in their field for their work. A company that’s garnered accolades within their professional community in addition to happy clients demonstrates excellence at their craft.

Reach out and ask for references from previous clients. One of the biggest indicators of genuine customer satisfaction is repeat business. Good reviews and references are great, but if a client is returning repeatedly for new designs it's an undeniable marker of customer satisfaction.

Ask questions of references to help you understand what to expect such as:

  • Were they attentive to your ideas and needs through the process?
  • Did you have any issues, and were they handled professionally?
  • Did they exceed your expectations?
  • Did they suggest innovative ideas for your trade show booth design?

3. Understand What's Included in Your Display Design

Some booth design companies just offer more for your money. It's expected that the company should collaborate with you on the design and fabricate a custom trade show booth accordingly, but full-service exhibit companies offer extra services that set them apart.

Look for additional value like on-site exhibit or event managing services, booth installation and dismantling, and in-house graphic design. Find a full-service exhibit agency capable of managing every aspect of your booth's success, from concept to the trade show floor, that will help you execute your vision beyond simply building your exhibit.

Also consider employing a company that doesn't just work locally. A company that is able to work all over the country, or even across the globe, is an asset. As your brand and reach grows, they'll be qualified to continue servicing your needs wherever your trade show marketing might go.

DesignShop team installing a custom trade show booth design on show floor

4. Ensure Your Budget and Schedule are Feasible

Every project has deadlines and expected budgets to meet. While you can garner information from references as to the company's success complying with client timelines and financial parameters, make sure to communicate your own set of expectations. This will ensure they have the time and resources to complete your specific job on schedule and within budget.

Start a conversation with the companies you're considering about their availability and your needs. An excellent reputation for service and trade show booth design only goes so far if your project doesn’t arrive on time or exceeds your allotted budget.

The Best Company for Your Trade Show Booth Design

When it comes to marketing, there is no one size fits all approach. While the online sector of marketing is important, one-on-one customer interfacing at trade shows remains a vital and necessary tool to finding and capturing new clientele. 

You need to have a well-rounded plan of attack to reach your potential clients, which is why you shouldn’t overlook the importance of trade shows. And a trade show booth design that is innovative and conveys why you are uniquely qualified to handle your clients’ needs can set you apart from your competition.

Now that you know what to look for in a trade show booth design company, take a look at some of the custom trade show exhibits and custom rental exhibits we build for our clients. If you’d like to discuss how DesignShop can help you create an exhibit that will help you attract attention next time you’re on the trade show floor, click here to contact our team!

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