Branding - Building on the Experience!

Branding - Building on the Experience!

In this two-part series, we tackle the idea of reinforcing the "memory" of your brand through "experience". And that by creating a positive "feeling" around your business, products and services, for your prospects and customers - you can effectively lead them from being loosely aware of your business, to becoming loyal brand evangelists.

In part one of the series, we addressed the first 5 of 10 ways you can enhance the overall experience that surrounds your brand:

  • Your Brand is a Perception and an Expectation
  • Your Brand is the Total Sum of Your Entire Business
  • Experience is the Way a Consumer Identifies With Your Brand
  • Experience Creates an Emotional Bond with a Product or Service
  • Brand Loyalty Can be Defined by the Relationships You Create

In this article, we'll discuss the next five ways in which you can enhance the overall perception of your brand and start building a loyal following:

Relationships Are Born From a Need and the Way That Need is Satisfied

All relationships are born out of need and just as importantly in the way that need is satisfied. And the emotional satisfaction that is derived from the need being fulfilled is what defines the strength of the relationship.

In building a brand, purely satisfying a customer's need (providing a widget or service) isn't enough. The provision of that widget or service must be done in a way that creates "emotional satisfaction" or a "feel good" moment to the recipient. Of course, this is done through the "way" that product or service is delivered upon and if done right...begins to solidify the relationship. Brands which don't build relationships won't stand the test of time.

Creating a Brand is About Over-Delivering on Expectations

When building a brand, consider that you should look at non-core and emotional attributes that could be attached to your core product features and benefits. Simply providing the least viable product to your customer isn't going to win their hearts nor create a positive "memory" and "experience" around the brand.

Consider how additional feature sets or services, which go beyond your customers initial expectations and needs may benefit them. And how they may "feel" about your brand when the products and services you provide them go further to simplify their lives, enhance their experience and are enjoyable to engage with.

Focus on How You Would Like Clients to Experience Your Brand

How would you like to be remembered? Truly, give this some thought... What would you like the lasting impression of your brand to be?

Most likely, the majority of you reading this would like your company to be remembered as one that creates outstanding, innovative products. Services which truly enhance the lives of your customers and of course make them more successful. You'd probably like to be thought of as delivering top-rate customer service and support. All while creating a positive, memorable experience for your customers. Think about it.

Work Backwards From Your Intended Experience

By first thinking about and defining the experience and emotions that you'd like to create for your customers and then working backwards - you have the ability to create the brand you envision. In addition, you have the opportunity to make sure that everything you build around your brand marries up to your own passion and expectations.

Consider how you want your customers to relate to you, your products, your services. How you want them to feel when using your products for the very first time. For the thousandth time?? Consider how you want your business to be thought of as a whole... And work backwards to create an "experience" that holds everything you do to those standards.

Add Elements to Each Area of Your Business to Reinforce the Brand

When considering your overall brand, having one stand out product or service won't do it. You should look at every area of your business and build in appropriate services, features or enhancements that stand to elevate the overall "good feeling" you're creating within your customers.

Those good feelings and positive vibes will go a long way - to solidify longer relationships, encourage referrals, make your business more successful and YES - turn your paying customers into loyal brand evangelists!

At DesignShop, we know that your trade show marketing program is one of the best places for your brand to shine, to enhance the relationships you've already created and begin to forge new ones. If you'd like to learn more about how we can help your customers "experience" your brand, give us a shout.

We can help create a experiences for your customers they won't forget!

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