Branding - Make it an Experience!

Branding - Make it an Experience!

In our article "Branding Memories Through Trade Shows", we talked about defining the word "brand" as a "memory". And that everything you remember about a company through interaction, it’s products, it’s advertising, what other people say or any other interaction is their "brand".  If you haven't read the article, here's a link.

Let's take that discussion a bit further and say that if a "brand is a memory" then you should strive to reinforce that memory by creating an "experience" with your branding. And, by the way, there's no greater opportunity to let your customers and prospects "experience" your brand than through trade show and live events!

In this article we'll specifically talk about 5 of the ways you can enhance the "brand experience" of your business:

Your Brand is a Perception and an Expectation

One of the first steps in transforming your brand into an experience is the self-realization that your brand is more than its visual marketing elements. In the minds of your customers and prospects, your brand is a perception and an expectation.

Through your positioning, the experiences you create, your products and really any other way your audience is exposed to your brand you are creating a perception and YES - setting expectations. Until you fully realize this and make this idea an integral part of your brand strategy - creating the RIGHT "perceptions" about your company and therefore "expectations" that your products and services live up to can be a challenge. Your brand IS a perception and an expectation!

Your Brand is the Total Sum of Your Entire Business

By understanding that your brand is actually the total sum of everything you do and everything that makes up your business, shapes the experience and memory your audience has of your company as a whole. Everything from your marketing visuals to how your phones are answered shape how your company is "experienced" and perceived.

When this experience "feels" good to your customers then positive memories are created around brand, and when these experiences don't feel quite as nice...well, that creates a memory as well.

Experience is the Way a Consumer Identifies With Your Brand

To continue the previous passage, through experiences with your brand your customers identify what they like (what makes them feel good) and what they don't like (what makes them feel not-so-good).

By strategically thinking about and creating positives experiences, whether through your trade show program or other touch points, you have the opportunity to create multiple positive experiences within your customers and create supporting memories of your brand which build loyalty. Or, of course, the converse of that if you're not mindful of the experience......

Experience Creates an Emotional Bond with a Product or Service

The strongest brands create an emotional bond between the customer and a product, service or the company. Think about how emotionally attached you've become to your smart phone of choice or your favorite running shoe company (swoosh!)....

These are bonds that go beyond comfort or features or convenience and price. In-fact, you're completely OK with shelling out a premium for your brands of choice because of the total "experience" and emotional bond these companies have created around their brand, products and services. You should strive for the connect with your customers on a deeper, emotional level.

Brand Loyalty Can be Defined by the Relationships You Create

Brand loyalty is the holy grail of marketing and branding. And it can only be achieved when your customers have a strong emotional bond with your products and company - but it goes a step farther and deeper....

Your customers must feel like they have a positive relationship with you, your company and everything it stands for to reap the rewards of brand loyalty. The idea of striving to build loyalty with your customers should be front of mind when planning everything from your customer service to your trade show programs. It's about creating a positive experience and yes, a good feeling, at each touch point your customers have with your products, services and yes - YOU.

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