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DesignShop Brought the Vitamin C to EXHIBITORLIVE 2016!


This year at EXHIBITORLIVE 2016, in Las Vegas, DesignShop promised show attendees that we'd bring a healthy dose of CREATIVITY, ACCOUNTABILITY and SERVICE...the essentials in Vitamin C for their trade show programs! And did we ever deliver!?!

Not only did we showcase how the essentials in trade show creativity and execution can up their trade show game, but every afternoon we converted our 20'x30' exhibit space into "ClubC"!

Attendees who brought their VIP wrist bands were welcomed with exclusive access to our delicious Mimosas and orange juice! And as promised, we had a BIG surprise for everyone on the first day of the show.....

Professional stand-up comedian, Carrot Top, joined us at "ClubC" for a meet-and-greet with show attendees! Lots of photos were taken and folks had an awesome time getting to "know" our guest-of-honor!

In fact, we've added a special page to our website, to "thank" those who stopped by - which showcases well over 100 professional photos of guests, to our booth, with Carrot Top!

Check out the page, and if you find yourself in one of the images, feel free to download it and share on your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. And don't forget to mention @TeamDesignShop!


By the way - We're already planning new surprises for EXHIBITORLIVE 2017, so stay tuned!


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Midland Radio Corporation
"The team at DesignShop was great, they listened to our story and created a design around my vision for the Midland brand. The finished product was a CES booth that showcased the outdoor lifestyle and adventures that our customers live out each and every day. "

Matt Latendresse, Director of MarketingMidland Radio Corporation

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