Expanding Our Corporate Headquarters and Our Brand

DesignShop's expanded Orlando headquarters

A company's brand isn't just about a pretty logo or having a matching brochure and slick business card. In fact, your brand isn't just about your visuals (although those are important) but about how you, your employees, partners and customers perceive your entire organization and products.

For us, at DesignShop, we strive to have a visual brand that exudes creativity and does so with a healthy dose of continuity (and Florida citrus). But aside from our visual brand, we've created a workplace culture which fosters that creativity and allows our entire Team to work collaboratively to better our end products, services and yes...our brand!

And our corporate headquarters in Orlando, Florida has always been the central hub for our team of creatives and trade show artisans. It's where the magic happens!

However, as we've grown and our brand has evolved we knew that we needed our headquarters to evolve and grow with us....and be that perfect extension of our brand...

Redesigning and Expanding Our Corporate Headquarters

When we decided to re-design and expand our Orlando headquarters, not only did we want the project to be a huge expansion (40,000 extra square feet), but we wanted to create a space that inspired and motivated the very best in us.

And we wanted to not only carry our established visual brand into the new space - we wanted to truly run with it!

From the moment you walk through the front doors into the spacious, 2 story tall lobby - you're welcomed with a view into our conference and meeting space, multiple digital displays (yes, showcasing the very best of our work) and a reception desk modeled after our very own trade show displays (complete with oranges!).

The entry space is well-appointed with finishes that add a contemporary yet classic feel - with easy access to our Accounting, Estimating, Project Management, and Engineering departments.

A Meeting Room Where Minds and Creatives Gather

designshop conference room

Becoming one of the focal points of the ground floor, our newly constructed conference room is equipped with the very best in digital technology.

From Digital displays for reviewing designs or video conferencing, to the imagery and vibrant color palate of the walls, our brand visuals are front and center. We wanted to create a space where coming together to share our ideas and designs with clients was easy...and brainstorming and sharing ideas would be facilitated by the atmosphere.

Building a Culture of Oneness and Healthy Lifestyles

One of the areas we discussed often during the planning of the new facility was the addition of an Employee Cafe and a Fitness Center. We polled everyone at the company and asked if they would participate if a workout room was added. And we were pleased to get a resounding "YES" as the answer!

So, in addition to adding a colorful and comfortable break room/cafe - our new space boasts a fitness room - complete with showers, treadmill, both free and machine weights and stationary bikes.

And YES, before and after work - our Team has been putting the facility to good use and getting their workout on!

Take a Ride Up the Elevator to Our Creative Space

designshop's creative department

Upstairs at DesignShop, you'll find that we've created informal and flexible meeting and creative spaces - where pulling project Teams together for impromptu creative sessions is seamless.

And of course we've brought our signature splashes of color into all of the spaces. In-fact, we've actually color-coded each department, so they can be visually distinguished as part of the same overall Team - yet departmentally distinct!

One wing of the upstairs is completely devoted to our Design Team and the opposite wing is where you'll find our Sales and Account Managers. Their proximity allow them to perform their distinctly different tasks while being close enough to collaborate when called for!!

A New Climate Controlled Storage Facility

From the design department, a giant picture window overlooks our new trade show storage facility and loading dock. We've added an additional 30,000 square feet in storage space, to accommodate both our trade show rental components and those exhibits which are stored and managed by our Team!!

Like to check out our new digs? Give us a yell about your next project - we're quite proud of our new space and would love to give you the tour - we'll show you how your brand matters and how your trade show program can become a seamless extension of your visual marketing elements!!

DesignShop...we're YOUR Team

DesignShop's Lobby Entrance
DesignShop's Conference Room
DesignShop's Employee Fitness Center
DesignShop's Employee Cafe
DesignShop's Sales and Flex Meeting Space
DesignShop's Creative Department
DesignShop's Sales and Flex Meeting Space

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