A Trade Show Display That's Big Enough for Your Brand, Yet Light Enough to Ship Overnight!

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One of the greatest challenges for Corporate Marketers has always been finding the right display system. One that is strong enough for their product merchandising, large monitors, or heavy product demo’s, while staying “LIGHT” enough to be shipped overnight and installed by their own personnel.

Radiance™ R-LIGHT was created to solve this very challenge…..”Light” and compact enough to be shipped overnight, easy enough to install that it can be handled by exhibitor staff, and STRONG enough to incorporate slatwall panels and shelving for heavy merchandising, heavy product demos or large monitor presentations. All while protecting operating budgets and ROI for smaller - state, regional, or national shows!

Just the Facts

Radiance™ “R-LIGHT” Displays - DesignShop’s own creation, represents the very best in "Overnight-able” Compact Modular™ exhibit and display technology. Our Radiance™ R-LIGHT Displays are the smartest solution for improving your brand presence, providing real strength for supporting large monitors or heavy products, while significantly reducing your exhibit operating costs!

  • Available in 10'w x 8'h and 20'w x 8'h
  • Simple and Easy Set Up
  • Sturdy Aluminum Frame and Base Plates
  • Contemporary Overlapping Canopy Graphics
  • Large Mural Graphic in Solid Panels or Fabric Graphic
  • Slatwall and Custom Product Display Backwalls Available
  • Lifetime Frame Warranty
  • Optional Lights, Lit Pockets, Counters, A/V Monitors, Lightboxes and Cases
  • Adaptable with other Radiance Exhibit System products

Finally a STRONG Trade Show Display that is Truly "Overnight-able"

Our R-LIGHT display products pack into "Overnight-able” shipping cases and ships from DesignShop in as little as 2 working days…including state-of-the art graphics, durable fabric, rugged hard graphic panels, slatwall backwalls, or other custom backwalls for product-specific applications!

In truth, the Portable Display problem has finally been solved…heavy merchandising, heavy product demos, or large monitor presentations can now be done in an affordable, attractive, "Overnight-able 10' x 10' solution!  STRONG!

An Exhibit Solution to Match Today's Fast-Paced Markets

In the fast-paced world of the exhibit and event marketing industry, there is a demand for display products that can deliver on compatibility and speed of delivery, while having low operating costs.

DesignShop responded to this need and created the R-LIGHT display systems that are “LIGHT” to carry, “LIGHT” to ship and “LIGHT” on tight budgets and operating costs!

Brand Awareness the "Lightest" Way Possible

Our R-LIGHT product enhances the job of the exhibit professional by providing a fast and affordable way to increase brand awareness and promote company products in the “LIGHTEST” way possible.

R-LIGHT best serves the exhibit professional in need of a display that can handle a heavy show schedule with big presentation/messaging requirements, and will protect operating budgets. And because DesignShop is the direct manufacturer, the exhibit professional will benefit with BIG savings - since it is not sold through a traditional dealer network!

Like to learn more about Radiance Light? Give the trade show professionals at DesignShop a shout and we'll show you how big things CAN come in small packages - while going "LIGHT" on your marketing budget!

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