Brand Continuity...We Live It!

Brand Continuity...We Live It!

A company's visual brand is only strong when a healthy dose of continuity is injected.... Meaning, everything should work together in unison, from the design of your corporate logo and stationary, to the carpet in your trade show booth. Everything should be complimentary of the brand as a whole, and create a single, memorable look and feel, which becomes instantly recognizable as your own.

At DesignShop, we take each of our Clients' brands seriously and work together to ensure that brand guidelines are taken into consideration and that the trade show exhibits we design - truly becomes an extension of the overall brand.

And we practice what we preach....When we develop our own trade show exhibits, we take meticulous care to make sure our exhibits are clear examples of what cohesive branding should look like.

A Brand Example - ExhibitorLIVE 2015

For ExhibitorLIVE 2015 we once again redefined our own trade show booth and in the process created the next evolution of our branded theme. Being based in Orlando, Florida - oranges have been a big part of our overall design, our heritage, and brand for many years and we've worked this element into our trade exhibits in a BIG way!

From the design of a massive arch, which becomes part of the overall "orangechitecture" (and btw incorporates over 1,000 real oranges!) to complimentary white carpet with orange circles and matching custom furniture - our entire exhibit exudes our brand and creativity. In fact, fairly recently we've even updated our company logo to include a nod to our signature and favorite piece of citrus and heritage!

In addition to the actual oranges and use of color and textures, we've added over-sized faux "Fresh Ideas" citrus shipping crates to our exhibit - which house digital displays, static graphics and YES.....more real oranges. And our folks staffing our exhibit dress to match the guessed it, in matching orange shirts! Starting to see a theme here?

Continuity matters!

"Best 10x10 Booth Award" at Healthcare Convention & Exhibitors Association 2015

A few short months after ExhibitorLIVE 2015 we unveiled a smaller version of our trade show booth at HCEA2015. Sticking with the same overall theme (yes oranges!), we developed a smaller 10x10 Radiance Light, modular exhibit.

Incorporating the same color palate, carpet and graphics treatment, we were able to stay true to our brand, tell our story, and bring continuity to the smaller exhibit and get attendees to take notice.

In fact, they loved the booth so much we won the award for "Best Small Booth (10x10)".Big things do come in small packages (!

Exhibitor Magazine Has Taken Notice and Put Us On The Cover!

When branding is done right and in a creative, consistent manner, folks stop and take notice! In fact, the good folks at Exhibitor Magazine, the trade show industry's go-to source for everything trade show, incorporated a healthy dose of, YES ORANGES, on the cover of their February 2014 issue and an article about our Radiance line of compact modular displays, entitled "You Can Have It Small"!

That's the best type of compliment you can receive... an outward acknowledgement that your branding is consistent and people are noticing!

Keep It Consistent, Keep It Stylish!

Good branding doesn't happen overnight and it doesn't happen by accident. In fact, it takes planning, creativity and consistency - executed over time - again and again. Starting with your company logo, corporate identity package and brand your way out from there. Expand your brand from element to element and don't overlook even the smallest detail...things like carpet choice matter more than you think!

And if you find you need a bit of assistance bringing it all into alignment....let us take care of you and your brand as well as we take care of ours.

DesignShop...we're YOUR Team

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