Case Study: An Interview with Josh Pringle of CO2Meter, Inc.

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In November of last year, CO2Meter, Inc. approached DesignShop with the challenge to produce a flexible, modular exhibit to showcase their products. They would be attending a number of different shows each year and also wanted an exhibit solution that could grow with their trade show marketing needs.

co2meter.comCO2Meter, Inc. is a designer and manufacturer, located in Central Florida, which specializes in the design and manufacturing of gas detection and monitoring devices - primarily CO2. They use a science-based approach in their products and partner with businesses in agriculture, HVAC, safety, science, pharmaceuticals, beverage and other fields.

DesignShop's solution for CO2Meter, came from our compact modular technology - Radiance Exhibit Systems. Our Radiance product line features a durable aluminum structure and large format or fabric graphics. Radiance Displays are designed to fit within 10' inline trade show spaces as well as large island configurations.

DesignShop recently caught up with CO2Meter's director of marketing & sales, Josh Pringle, to get his take on the success of the display and their trade show program:

How did you come in contact with DesignShop?

We had heard about DesignShop from other exhibitors and loved the fact that their exhibit designs weren't just interesting - but "screamed" professional. So, DesignShop was already on our radar....

We spent roughly two months looking for an exhibit partner and wanted to not only partner with a Florida-based company, like ourselves, but wanted a firm who listened to us and understood our challenges. The folks at DesignShop listened and provided guidance first and foremost - that convinced us that they were the firm we wanted to partner with.

Since taking ownership of your Radiance Display, how many times has it seen action?

The first show that we used the display was in March of this year. And we've used it at a total of 3 shows to-date, with a number of other events on the horizon. We're currently exhibiting at 8-12 shows per year - where just a few years ago, we were only exhibiting at 1 or 2 shows per year.

Tell us about a couple of the shows you exhibit at?

Because we work with a number of different industries, there are several potential shows to exhibit at each year. A couple off the top of my head are the Craft Brewers Conference & Exposition, the IE3 Expo and the International Beverage Dispensing Equipment Association Expo.

The shows we exhibit at range from small to large and in many cases have a very industrial appeal. This is one of the reasons we wanted a super clean, professional visual presence.

What helped you choose a Radiance Display, specifically?

It wasn't so much about choosing a product or a certain type of display - our decision was much more based on creating an overall solution that would fit our trade show needs. DesignShop was instrumental in listening to us and then walking through a process. And their Radiance product line fulfilled the need.

How have show attendees and customers responded to your new booth?

People absolutely LOVE the clean image and we truly stand out at the shows we attend. Our booth embodies a clean, professional appeal but with an injection of SCIENCE.

And based on the number of shows we've taken the new exhibit to - we're seeing a return of roughly 5 times our investment in new sales!

Any takeaways?

You can tell that the Team at DesignShop looks at every customer as an investment in their future. Although ours surely wasn't the largest exhibit they've produced - we were never made to feel like a "small" client. We were treated as true partners and equals.


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"We were all very happy with the results and got a lot of great comments on the booth; even from our own competition so that’s always a good sign. "

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