Who Else Can Rent My Trade Show Booth?

Who Else Can Rent My Trade Show Booth?

In the last article of our series, related to "the questions you should ask of your trade show rental partner prior to signing the contract" - we'll tackle the burning question:

Can other exhibitors rent the same trade show booth as my company?

Of course there are sooooo many reasons why you wouldn't want your competitors to rent your exhibit out from under you or, for that matter, to have the same exhibit that you do. That goes without saying!

But What About Non-Competing Firms?

It's important when researching trade show rental firms to be clear on their positioning, when it comes to whether or not other companies can rent the same booth as you. In other words, will your exhibit provider rent your components to other companies when you're not using them??

Some firms consider this practice a no-no, while others feel it's right to rent their trade show booths as many times as possible.

Simply, know where your trade show rental provider stands on the topic and, more importantly, whether this stance is something YOU can live with!

How Does This Effect the Availability of Your Trade Show Booth?

Another important question to clarify deals with the availability of your rental trade show booth. If your trade show rental provider is renting properties you use to other exhibitors, how far in advance will you need to reserve your components?

And just as important - what happens if a new show pops up on your calendar and your typical rental properties are being used by another exhibitor? Where does that leave your company??

These may seem like obvious questions to ask, but without knowing the answers in advance - you could find your company in a position where you're without your preferred exhibit for an important show. It's always easier to ask the right questions ahead of time, rather than pay the price later.

If you'd like our team of trade show rental professionals to help clear up these and many other concerns you might have about your trade show rental program - hit us up! We'd love to show you the benefits of a trade show rental program and help you avoid the challenges that can arise!!

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