Unexpected Out-of-Pocket Expenses in Your Trade Show Rental Program

trade show rental expenses

Nobody like surprises, right? Well.....maybe on your birthday - but certainly not in your trade show marketing program.

When you make the decision to rent your company's trade show exhibit, you should be sure to ask your trade show partner the RIGHT questions in order to understand your entire rental contract. This, of course, includes the myriad ancillary fees that may be associated with your trade show rental booth.

Here are a few of the key areas you need to be clear on.

What's Included in Your Rental Contract & What Will Come Out-of-Pocket?

Be sure to ask your exhibit partner what is included in your trade show rental contract and what items or services would be considered out-of-pocket expenses - that are NOT included in your agreement. Items such as crating, show-site supplies, and storage may be extras. Also, how will additional show-site expenses be handled…and by whom?

Who Covers the Cost of Refurbishments or Replacements

Another area to clearly understand is which party, under the contract, will be responsible for the cost of refurbishing the trade show rental exhibit. In short-term contracts, typically the exhibit provider is responsible for refurbishment costs, but this might not be true under a longer contract.

And what if you have a custom rental booth? How does that impact who the responsible party is for refurbishments?

And what happens if a rental asset is lost in transit or stolen? Always better to understand before entering into a written commitment, rather than finding out later - the hard way.

Of course if you need help understanding the costs associated with your trade show rental program, the seasoned Team of professionals at DesignShop will be happy to assist. We have the experience and know-how to help you painlessly navigate your options and put together the best program for your needs.

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