Trade Show Rental Programs - Term Discounts and Options to Purchase

Trade Show Rental Programs - Term Discounts and Options to Purchase

Trade show exhibit rental programs come with many perks and for a lot of companies the benefits outweigh those of actually purchasing their trade show booth.

When choosing the right exhibit house to partner with as your trade show rental provider, keep in mind that any long-term rental contract should include price breaks for multiple show rentals and possibly the option to buy your rental exhibit if you fall in love with it.

Long-Term Trade Show Rental Contract Should Include Price Breaks

Any long-term trade show rental program contract should absolutely include a multiple-show price break. In other words, the more shows you rent the exhibit for, the more money you should save.

Know How Your Trade Show Rental Discounts Are Structured

That being said, you have to be sure to understand how your discounts are structured into your contract and what variables are allowed. For instance, if your company rents a the same trade show exhibit for 5 shows, and would like to use a different exhibit for an additional show - does the price break you've agreed upon still hold for that sixth show? Ask!

Is Your Trade Show Rental Discount Evenly Distributed?

Another important point to understand about your trade show rental discount is whether or not your discount is evenly distributed over the term of the contract. Be sure to clarify if the discount is front or back-loaded, or evenly distributed.

An example would be that you would you pay $10,000 for your first rental, $8,000 for your second, and so on? Or will you get the same discounted price (e.g., $5,000) for all rentals as long as you rent at least five times during your contract period?

Also, you must consider the ramifications of ending the rental contract early. If, for example, your pricing discount requires a minimum number of rentals and you want out of the contract after two, how much will you be penalized?

Can You Change Your Rental Property and What About Rent-to-Own Options?

If your exhibit program changes considerably during the contract period, is it possible to upgrade or downgrade your exhibit choice?

And more importantly, if you find you've completely fallen in love with your trade show exhibit, are there options to rent-to-own? And if so, will any portion of the rental payments you've made go towards the purchase of the exhibit?

These are all important components of your trade show rental program contract - and should be considered while you're shopping for the right partner.

If you need help navigating the ins and outs of trade show rental programs - give us a shout! One of our Team members would be more than happy to show you the ropes!

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