Case Study: DesignShop – A Small Exhibit But Big On Interactivity

Case Study: DesignShop

DesignShop, based in Orlando, Florida, is a leading brand communications agency which specializes in outstanding trade show exhibit services.

Through interactive and digitally driven content, DesignShop inspires action, supports real brand objectives and delivers both memorable and measurable trade show results to their clients.

For the "Exhibitor 2014" show, held in Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, DesignShop needed to design and produce a new in-house exhibit for self-promotion.  The trade show booth needed to showcase DesignShop's abilities to deliver an interactive exhibit that was a true show-stopper.

The Challenge - Design a Contemporary Exhibit With Multiple Branding Options

The objective of the new trade show booth was to produce a clean, contemporary exhibit that was elegant in style, yet delivered maximum branding opportunities.

In addition, DesignShop knew from the outset that they wanted to find ways to incorporate leading-edge, multi-media marketing solutions into the small 10 x 20 space. This was a challenge since they didn't want to take away from the overall modesty of the exhibit. By incorporating an interactive display into the space, DesignShop was sure they could engage guests, but were also aware that they created the challenge of how to flow foot traffic through the busy show space.

An added challenge was to execute one of their own branding objectives through a fabricated, acrylic grid wall that would be filled with real oranges - which gave a nod to their home-base of Orlando, Florida. Four monitors would be mounted to the acrylic wall, in front of the oranges, to add to the overall visual experience. To mount these monitors to the acrylic back wall, while still being able to conceal all cabling for the monitors was the biggest challenge of that particular space. Also, the ability to replace the acrylic wall with a nine monitor video wall in the future, presented an obstacle, as every portion of this section had to be removable and accessible for retro fitting. A design challenge for sure!

Lastly, DesignShop wanted to create a counter that would be the centerpiece of the booth. This display surface would give the illusion that it is floating out of the carpet, and gives prospects the feeling that literally anything could be possible. The challenge presented was how to construct an L-shaped counter stand on a footprint which is only 4” wide on the floor, but still have over three feet of overhang from the base of the counter.

The Solution - A Digital Experience With a Highly Polished Backdrop

To achieve the interactive objective, DesignShop created a built-in 65” display that could be run and controlled by the Apple iPad and Apple TV. With this solution they were able to seamlessly incorporate a high level of interactivity directly into the booth design. To maintain the modesty of the exhibit, the iPad stand incorporated a simple base-plate under LED edge-lit carpet, which in-turn, aided to its simplicity. Above the monitor, branding objectives were achieved by adding a 3-Dimensional, back-lit Plexiglas logo and tagline.

On the back wall, DesignShop successfully integrated an acrylic grid displaying over 400 cubes, each with a fresh orange in place. Atop the acrylic grid lye four 46” monitors, in a portrait setting, that strikingly display one continuous video. The digital content "jumps" from monitor to monitor to show any variety of images depicting just what is possible in trade show exhibit design.

To hide all the TV cables, they created four areas with no acrylic grid in order to mount the monitors. Cables were fed through the back wall and channeled the monitors together - invisible to attendees.

The Results - An Elegant Exhibit That Made the Brand Shine

At the end, a modern, elegant exhibit was achieved - which saved booth space and met all of DesignShop's design and branding objectives. And yes, the oranges were a HUGE hit (see the April cover of "Exhibitor" magazine!) - not only were they a memorable backdrop for the booth - but the fresh smell of citrus was fantastic! Engagement on yet another level!!

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