Case Study: A Custom Modular In-Line Trade Show Booth for Medmix

in-line trade show display

Client Company Description: MEDMIX SYSTEMS AG develops and manufactures mixing, delivery and application systems used in medical drug administration. Their high quality devices are used in orthopaedics, vertebroplasty, vascular surgery, wound care and for drug administration.

MEDMIX needed a new trade show exhibit for NASS 2014, which took place in San Francisco, California from November 12 - 15. NASS 2014 coincides with the North American Spine Society Annual Meeting and brings together over ten different specialties under a single roof.

The Challenge - Produce a Low-Cost, High-Lighting In-Line Trade Show Display

medmix trade show boothMEDMIX reached out to DesignShop to design and fabricate a new in-line trade show exhibit that would be low on operating costs but high on lighting features.

Previously MEDMIX has used pop-up back walls and cross rented over-sized display cases that overshadowed and minimized their product lines. When your product is your most important feature - it has to shine above all else.

The new 10x20 in-line exhibit needed to have ample storage for all their product lines and be married with sleek product displays.

The Solution - Multiple Presentation Surfaces with Abundant LED Lighting

medmix led lightingTo overcome their past challenges, DesignShop designed an exhibit with multiple presentation and working surfaces which created functional storage counters, as well as clean product displays.

Two front counters were custom fabricated by dividing the exhibit space inside in half. Lockable storage in the back of the counters, and LED illuminated product displays in the front, helped to showcase the product lines.

This dual purpose counter places the product along the aisle where the prospective clients can see them up close, while still providing the storage necessary to the exhibitor.

Laminating the interior shelves with MEDMIX pantone color allowed their product to pop and stand out, albeit small in size.

The entire exhibit (including Monitor and furniture) all fit inside a custom jigged ATA Case for easy transportation and storage.

The Results - An Exhibit that Let the Products Shine Without Breaking the Bank

medmix in-line trade show displayThe results of the design presented an ultra-clean display that provided ample storage and workspaces to showcase the Client's product line - And the LED illuminated product displays really shifted the focus of the exhibit to the product lines! A huge improvement over the previous display MEDMIX was using.

In addition, a custom graphics package, flat screen and ample shelving helped to take the in-line display to the next level.....while also reducing their overall operating costs!!

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