Case Study: TCP, Inc. - A Custom Rental Exhibit That Truly Shines!

Case Study: TCP, Inc.

LIGHTFAIR International 2014, held at the Las Vegas Convention Center, brought together top lighting and design experts under a single roof. This event sets the global stage for lighting, design and innovation in the lighting industry.

TCP, Inc. (Technical Consumer Products, Inc.) was one of two DesignShop clients being represented at the show and their exhibit posed some unique but not insurmountable challenges for our team.

The Challenge - An "Up and Comer" Wanting to Shine on the Show Floor

DesignShop trade show client, TCP, was looking to replace their existing trade show booth with a new exhibit solution for the same cost as refurbishing their old structure ($200K or less). They wanted to accomplish this while also exploring exciting new methods to showcase their new products in an interactive way.

Their "big push" was to showcase their latest product, "CONNECTED", a series of LED lamps that can be programmed and controlled using their very own TCP Lighting App. The line of products range from consumer to retail, commercial, industrial and outdoor applications.

In addition, as the “up and comers” in the lighting industry, TCP wanted a look and feel for their exhibit that stated “we have arrived.”

Their design criteria included a private conference area, main greeting area, and storage space.  And last but certainly not least, TCP expressed the desire to be able to “change up” the look of their exhibit every two years or so, in order to keep their exhibit current and keep up with new product development.

A tall order, but we were up for the challenge!

The Solution - An Interactive, Custom Rental Solution that Rocked

DesignShop took the approach of providing a custom rental exhibit to be used by TCP for two running years.

Central to the design were three large, two-sided kiosks, (12’Hx12’Wx6’D) which were identical in structure, but each side would be customized to showcase different categories of products.  To add interactivity, all products would be "live" so visitors could compare light sources side-by-side, or in the case of TCP’s new CONNECTED product, demonstrate the ability to control the lighting with a smart device.

A large three-sided greeting counter was centered off of the main aisle to provide an obvious location for attendees, who had pre-scheduled meetings to be greeted.  It also provided adequate space for product give-aways that were dispersed during the show.

This solution also included a rental double-deck structure, something TCP did not think they could afford, with a private conference area on the second floor, a second casual seating area underneath further showcasing product, and an under-deck storage area. A 2x4 monitor wall was mounted to the front upper rail of the double-deck which played sales and demonstration videos.

All exhibit components were aligned at a 45 degree angle from the aisles, which allowed for wide points of egress and great site lines through the exhibit, despite the mass of structure.

The exhibit was topped-off with a large hanging sign showcasing TCP's logo and tag lines, which could be seen all across the exhibit hall.

The Results - A Trade Show Booth That Shouts "We've Arrived"

The decision to outfit TCP with a custom trade show rental solution ensured that our client would be able to afford the exhibit they hoped for, while staying within the budget they set at the outset. In addition, our national rental program will allow for TCP to have the ability to evolve their look over time as their business and products evolve.

And what about interactivity? Visitors to the exhibit loved being able to compare lighting products side-by-side and have the hands-on experience of playing with the products in-person.

TCP and their products were surely one of the bright spots on the show floor, and anyone who saw them at the show knew that they had arrived!

Like to learn how DesignShop can help your business turn the dial up a bit? We'd love to show you how we'll help you "arrive"!

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