Case Study: McDonald’s – Excellent Elements & an Electrifying Challenge

Case Study: McDonald’s

It's no secret that leading global foodservice retailer, McDonald's serves millions in over 100 countries. So when they tapped DesignShop to engineer and build McDonald's Europe Worldwide Convention Stand for 2014, you could say we were just a little excited (understatement)!

We knew they would present us with some unique challenges but with the McDonald's Worldwide Convention right in our backyard of Orlando - we knew our team would rise to the occasion.

The Challenge - A Decorative Solid Floor with Subfloor Electrical Needs

mcdonald's europe trade show boothThe client desired to have a decorative solid floor throughout the exhibit, per their European Restaurant Standards, but the design & build required a great deal of electrical and data runs under the floor. Previously, they had a slightly raised floor but found in year’s past that the raised floor was an incredible trip hazard.

It was clear that we were going to need to get a bit creative within our shop with new materials and methods....and some serious workmanship.

The solution - A Bit of Ingenuity & Craftsmanship

mcdonalds trade show boothDesignShop proposed to cover the entire floor in a solid 1/2" birch ply subfloor. The flooring system had a series of troughs which were routed into the top of the subfloor in our shop, using our computer controlled CNC machine.

Each trough was designed to hold up to 1 electrical cable and 2 data lines. Our engineers created the electrical and low voltage distribution plan in CAD, clearly marking each of the floor ports and the straight run to each of the termination points.

A 4x8 grid was established for the entire exhibit flooring (110’ x 77’), and each section of the floor with a trough running through it (which equaled about 70% of the panels) was marked according to the plan and the associated troughs were routed on the CNC machine, as required.

The Orange County Convention Center Electrical staff and the Low-voltage vendor, Smart City, provided cabling per the plan we submitted (i.e. 24 ea 50’ cable at Floor Port “A”).  We then tediously ran each line per the plan and finished the trough with a high grade tape.

This left a smooth subfloor with which to run our commercial vinyl flooring as approved by the McDonald’s Team....and SIGNIFICANTLY reduce installation time and man hours!

The Results - A Wired and Hazard-Free Exhibit

mcdonalds europe trade show boothThe results were creative but highly functional. The trip hazard at the edge of the booth was completely avoided by reducing the originally proposed ¾” ply subfloor to ½” subfloor and we worked with the show Decorator to add a 1’ strip of ½” pad around the perimeter of the entire booth, which yielded virtually no transition whatsoever.

Not only was our Team of dedicated craftsman, engineers, and artisans able to solve the technical issue of the subfloor wiring, we were also able to deliver to our clients exactly what they were asking for in flooring solution. A win on all accounts.....and DesignShop exceeded McDonald's expectations.

If you'd like to learn how DesignShop can help turn your next trade show project into a winner - let us know. We'd love to tell you what we've done for others and how this same expertise can make you look like star on the show floor!

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