Case Study: Canaveral Port Authority Trade Show Booth - BIG Impact doesn't have to be "Big"!

Case Study: Canaveral Port Authority

BreakBulk Americas 2014 took place in Houston, Texas this past September 29 - October 2, 2014. According to the BreakBulk website, this show is "the largest exhibition & educational forum in the Americas addressing the needs of traditional breakbulk and project cargo logistics professionals.

The show draws more than 4,000 participants and over 330 international exhibitors and sponsors.

For BreakBulk Americas 2014, DesignShop was tasked by the Canaveral Port Authority with the design, production and installation of their trade show booth.

The Challenge - A Tight Trade Show Deadline for a New Exhibit

With just under 2 weeks before BreakBulk Americas 2014 was to start, DesignShop was charged by the Canaveral Port Authority to create an interactive trade show booth. As a new client to DesignShop, we not only wanted to deliver under the tight deadline, but we were highly motivated to prove our process and deliver an exhibit that would be noticed & remembered on the show floor.

In addition to the tight deadline, a small exhibit space (10' x 10') might have initially seemed limiting, however our team took this as an additional challenge to show just what COULD be done with a bit of creativity and a huge dose of digitally-driven technology (what DesignShop is known for!) .

The Solution - A Radiance Compact Modular Display Paired with Digital Magic

Immediately, we knew that our line of Radiance Compact Modular Exhibits, would be the go-to solution to meet the tight time-frame and small exhibit space.

Radiance is a unique product, which features both small and large footprints from 10x10's up to large double-deck island's - and are highly configurable and customizable through graphics, materials and components.

To make the exhibit truly interactive and just as importantly memorable, we chose to pair the Radiance display with a 6-monitor backwall. The digital display monitors would play a 3 - 4 minute video presentation that continually looped.

Other components added to the exhibit would be a simple, yet elegant bistro style table and chairs - along with a branded podium. The idea was to keep the space clean, elegant and open. We didn't want any elements to take away from, nor block the view of the high-impact video backwall - the focus of the display.

The Results - A Matched Deadline and a Stellar Exhibit

canaveral port authority trade show boothThe results spoke for themselves - not only did we meet the short timeline for the Canaveral Port Authority's trade show date, but we were also able to help minimize costs of shipping and labor through the use our Radiance display system.

The 10x10 Radiance Compact Modular Display broke down and shipped in a single crate, which helped to keep costs of shipping & logistics minimal.  In addition, due to the modular nature of the display, it took just one installer hardly any time to setup the booth - just under 4 hours!

But how was the display received by the Client and show attendees?

According to DesignShop's Director of Sales, Craig Wells - the video wall in the booth was a true show stopper. Not only was the client blown away by the unique and crisp look the display offered, but attendees walking the aisle were literally stopped in their tracks! Exactly the effect we were hoping for...and our clients were blown-away!!

If you'd like to learn more about our cutting edge digitally-driven solutions, our line of Radiance Compact Modular Exhibits, or DesignShop's full arsenal of trade show solutions drop us a line. We WILL help you become a Show-Stopper too!

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"DesignShop did an extraordinary good job. We loved it very much; especially the colors, shape and white carpet in the booth. "

Andreas Kees, Managing DirectorMedmix

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