SEMA & AAPEX - Two Great Shows but What's the Difference?

No doubt, Automotive Aftermarket Industry Week, in November of each year is one of the biggest trade show weeks of the year for Las Vegas. Every November, Vegas hosts both the SEMA Show (Specialty Equipment Market Association) and the somewhat lesser known AAPEX Show (Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo) in conjunction with one another.

Together, these two shows bring well over 100,000 industry professionals and 60,000 domestic and international buyers together - for one great week of automotive excellence.

But, back to the title of this article - what's the difference between the SEMA & AAPEX Shows??

SEMA Show - Specialty Equipment Market Association

According to the SEMA website, this show is targeted to be the "premier automotive specialty products trade event in the world". And based on their latest statistics the show draws more than 100,000 industry leaders from the automotive, truck, SUV, powersports and RV markets.

While not open to the general public, SEMA focuses on performance products, accessories and add-ons - as well as related services for the automotive market. In addition, SEMA Show provides educational seminars, product demos and other special events and networking opportunities.

So, think of SEMA Show as THE place to showcase and see the latest in performance items, add-ons, new parts, tools and components.

AAPEX - Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo

While a bit smaller than the SEMA Show, AAPEX Show is also part of Automotive Aftermarket Industry Week. As the AAPEX website touts - this show is where "those who shape the future of the automotive aftermarket will gather". Attendance for the AAPEX Show includes over 39,000 buyers and more than 130,000 domestic and international industry professionals.

The AAPEX Show focuses on original equipment and products to service vehicles. Not quite as flashy as SEMA Show, but for the automotive and supporting industries, this show is just as important.

The types of products that might be found at AAPEX Show include tools, automotive oil, air conditioning  components and other service oriented products. In addition, AAPEX Show also provides a number of learning and networking opportunities.

So, Which Show Do You Attend?

Each show attracts a slightly different demographic, but it's worth spending a bit of time at both shows. You'll most likely dedicate a bit more time to the larger SEMA Show - but AAPEX is again, just as important.

Thinking of exhibiting at SEMA Show or AAPEX in 2015? DesignShop has a number of clients at both show each year - so we know the territory. Give us a shout and we'll help make sure your 2015 Automotive Aftermarket Industry Week is a SUCCESS!

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