What about trade show services? Everything you didn’t think of!

trade show services

When planning to exhibit at a trade show, it's quite easy to put so much thought into the design of your trade show booth and collateral - that you completely forget about onsite show services. But just as important as creating a stellar trade show exhibit, you have to consider the logistics of installation, dismantle and a whole lot more.

So, for just a moment - let's pretend that your booth has been designed and built, all of your collateral has been printed and the giveaways have been ordered. You've even done the right thing and have pre-booked a number of prospects to visit your booth. Sweet. Appointments are a good thing!

But now, let's talk about everything you didn't think of!

Let's Start at the Beginning - Getting Your Exhibit to the Show

It might seem like a small detail and something that doesn't take a lot of thought, but imagine show day rolling around and you without your booth....Yeah, not pretty huh?

Not only do you need to understand the timing of your booth arriving at the show or advanced storage facility, but choosing the most economical and trustworthy method of transit for your exhibit is just as important.

Here's a few key pieces to consider in the shipping of your booth:

  • Will you have time to use van lines for shipping?
  • Is air freight a viable option or necessary due to timing?
  • Does the show you're attending have an official carrier? With a discount?
  • What are the insurance options on your shipment?
  • Is everything labeled properly?

These are just a few of the shipping logistics you've got to consider for your trade show booth. Keep in mind, that when you're working with a full-service trade show exhibit outfit - they should be able to provide you with account managers, who can coordinate and navigate all of this for your peace-of-mind.

Installation and Dismantle of Your Trade Show Booth

Unless you're exhibiting at a small show and your display is of the pop-up variety - chances are you won't be setting up, nor dismantling your own trade show booth.

That being said, there are advantages to having your exhibit company provide the labor services for the setup and take-down of your booth:

  • Your exhibit company will have special relationships with a national labor partner
  • The exhibit company will have a trusted supervisor on the floor during setup/takedown
  • Professionals will ensure that your exhibit is properly cleaned, dismantled and packed at the end of the show
  • They'll understand your goals, know your exhibit and more importantly you!
  • Your exhibit company will be able to best assist you with knowing what additional services you need such as electrical, internet, audio/visual, furnishings etc.

Setting up a trade show exhibit, especially larger, custom properties requires expertise. Who better to oversee and coordinate this, than the company who is already vested in you as their client? They want your show to be successful from start to finish.

A Word About Program and Account Management

The trade show exhibit company you choose to partner with should provide you with a dedicated account manager and in-addition - have the personnel and resources to support you as their client.

Your program management team should be able to provide you with:

  • Custom design and fabrication
  • The option of a trade show rental program
  • Complete show services and event coordination
  • On-site supervision
  • Project management
  • Installation and dismantle labor
  • Auxiliary vendor selection

If you'd like to learn about how DesignShop and our team of seasoned trade show specialists can help your business, not only look great on the show floor, but also account for all of the details you didn't think of - give us a yell....we're the "ShowSite Accountability Team".

We'd love to show your how our Team approach can help you exceed your trade show goals.... and save your budget!

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