DesignShop is Serving up Freshly Squeezed Awesomeness with its New Website

DesignShop is Serving up Freshly Squeezed Awesomeness with its New Website

Orlando, Florida - October 2, 2014

Central Florida based DesignShop, is thrilled to announce the launch of our new corporate website: The new website builds on the success of our content strategy and stands to reinforce our digitally-focused philosophies.

A Complete Re-Design From the Ground Up

Current trends in design and mobile technology helped to shape the direction of the new website, as we wanted to ensure that our growing population of smartphone and tablet visitors experienced the same quality experience as desktop users.

We found, that just in the last year - our mobile and smartphone site traffic had increased over 30%. That's a lot of folks NOT sitting in front of their computer when they visit our website, and we wanted to make sure they received the best possible experience from our brand. So when we began discussing a redesign with our agency partner - it became clear that building a responsive website was the best route.

Responsively built sites automatically reformat site content to match the screen size of visitors, based on breakpoints built into the code and fabric of the website. This happens without sending users to a "mobile" version of the site and makes for a seamless user experience, independent of their device type.

In addition to setting the goal of building our new site in a responsive manner - we really wanted to clean up our user interface to focus more on our content - beautiful photos of the trade show exhibits we design and our written content. We felt that the design of the website should support our exhibit design, not compete with it.

Adding a Bit of Magic to the Design

With new, light-weight technologies and trends in website development, we also wanted to add a little pizzazz to the site!

From design elements that shrink and grow when moused over to team members who "morph" from child to adulthood - we've built in a bit of "WOW-Factor" that keeps the simple design of the interface, interesting and engaging!

What Our Team Had to Say About the Re-Design

Celebrating our 15th Anniversary, this seemed like to the perfect time to elevate the level of our website to really match that of the trade show exhibits we design. Here's what DesignShop CEO, Doug Hughes had to say about the new site:

"Our website has always been a big focus for us and is at the core of our sales process. Our last website was miles ahead of the previous site and we expect this new direction to take us so much farther.... With the number of marketers visiting our website on smartphones and tablets, it makes the best sense to address those people right now - and give them the best experience possible..."

And from our Creative Director, Kris Dugan:

"Design and digital is such a big part of what we do here at DesignShop - it's only natural that we have a website that is right on par with the level of trade show design we expect from our Team. I think the new site is right there!"

So What's Next for the Website

Content, content content....It's true, that content is king - and through our blog and other content dedicated to our users' experience and education, we plan to keep pushing the bar higher for what marketers should expect from their exhibitor's website....

Oh, and a few surprises that we'll be pushing out in the very near future - like tighter integration between our corporate site and our "Idea Tool"....ssssshhhhhh - it's a secret!


DesignShop is a full-service exhibit designer/builder/rental/interactive/service provider to everything trade show, event, & 3-D marketing. Technology-driven, we are unique - with innovative offerings such as ShowCast, our portable LIVE broadcast studio, and our “Idea Tool”, allowing clients to design & price their own modular exhibits - online. Located in Orlando, Las Vegas, Cleveland & Paris.

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