Big Ideas with DesignShop's Idea Tool

Big Ideas with DesignShop's Idea Tool

A few weeks back, we published a blog article entitled "Designing Your Compact Modular Exhibit is as Easy as 1, 2, 3". This article described how visitors to can "Design" their very own compact modular display, in a few easy steps, using DesignShop's "Idea Tool".

To recap - the Idea Tool is an online application which enables site visitors to not only design/build their compact modular display online, but also enables to the user to save and share (and ultimately order) the designs and components they choose. Truly revolutionary, as nothing else likes this exists as we know of!

Well we're super proud and excited that the trade show industry's leading publication, EXHIBITOR Magazine, took notice and has published a nice little article about the Idea Tool.  The piece appears in the September 2014 issue, in the "New Tools" section.

Here's what EXHIBITOR had to say about the Idea Tool

EXHIBITOR MagazineGet the luxury of a CAD-based exhibit design that you can build digitally before your eyes without the cost of expensive software when you use Idea Tool from DesignShop. Without an obligation to purchase, you can access Idea Tool 24 hours a day to explore creating custom designs using the modular Radius exhibit system, adding in everything from graphics to monitors to furniture so you can see how the finished product would look. The program builds a 3-D rendering of your design in front of you, showing you a running tabulation of the cost as you work, and allowing you to go back and adjust with different elements from the design and accessory library. When you've finished building an exhibit you love, you can purchase it via the same interface if you so choose.
(article and photo credit: EXHIBITOR Magazine)

Thanks for the Kudos EXHIBITOR!

We couldn't have said it better and are so pleased to have others take notice of this cutting edge tool!

Like to take the Idea Tool for a spin yourself?

And you can experience for yourself, that designing your own compact modular trade show booth is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

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