DesignShop, in Orlando, Celebrates Our 15th Anniversary!

DesignShop, in Orlando, Celebrates Our 15th Anniversary!

Today, yours truly reached an incredibly happy and important milestone, in the history of our company - DesignShop turned fifteen!

Think about that for a moment - do you remember what you were doing when you turned 15? Where you were at? Who you were with? That's OK, most of us don't either.

But we do know, that as our Team celebrates this very special moment together, we never could have imagined we'd come so far in 15 years!

Let's take a look back at where we started, where we've been and maybe even a hint to our next 15 years!

2000 - The Untraditional Exhibit Agency, "DesignShop", is born

2001 - Together we weathered the 9/11 fallout with no business activity occurring for 60 days

2002 - DesignShop launched "ShowSmart Custom Exhibit Rental Program" - which is now one of the largest exhibit rental programs in the industry

2004 - We purchased our Corporate Headquarters facility in Orlando, Florida

2007 - DesignShop achieved "zero-debt" financial status (YAY!)

2008 - Opened our Logistics Center in Las Vegas, Nevada

2009 - We formed a partnership agreement with Paris Project Management Firm

2010 - DesignShop named as "One of the Top 100 Companies to Work For in Florida" by Florida Trend Magazine (Yes, VERY proud!)

2011 - We launched our own "Radiance Compact Modular Exhibit System" and separate product web site,

2012 - Launched our revolutionary "ShowCast" turnkey, Remote Broadcast Studio; an event live-streaming platform for client Social Media communities

2013 - We opened our National Design Studio in Cleveland, Ohio

2013 - DesignShop began the expansion of our Corporate Headquarters facility in Orlando, FL (now occupying a total of 90,000 sq. ft of Manufacturing, Logistics, and Creative Services)

2014 - We influenced the May ’14 Cover of "Exhibitor Magazine" with our unique corporate exhibit "Branding"

2014 - Year-long celebration of our “15th Anniversary” begins! (Happy Birthday to us!!)

Today, DesignShop has grown to over 50 talented artisans, zany creative brand architects and event managers!

We never would have thought 15 years ago, that today DesignShop would be in the midst of expanding our corporate headquarters, finishing a HUGELY successful event for McDonald’s, and busier than we’ve ever been!

And who would have thought that - DesignShop would have grown to over 50 talented artisans, zany creative brand architects and event managers!?! Incredible!!

But looking around at this amazing Team of passionate, committed exhibit professionals, it's really no surprise at all.

So Happy Birthday, Team…we're excited and ready for the next 15 years! And congratulations to ALL of us!

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