#EXHIBITOR2014, In Las Vegas, Was MAGICAL Event!

#EXHIBITOR2014, In Las Vegas, Was MAGICAL Event!

EXHIBITOR2014 was held March 17-19, at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada - and what a MAGICAL event it was!

This year was DesignShop's first time exhibiting at the show and it was an absolute, smashing success for us. In fact, we've already reserved our floor space for EXHIBITOR2015 and are increasing the size of our exhibit space to 20'x20'!

Our Goals for EXHIBITOR2014

Any time you exhibit, you should have clear-cut goals that you are looking to achieve from your trade show marketing program. At EXHIBITOR2014, DesignShop had the single vision of demonstrating how we could bring brands to life, on the trade show floor within our award-winning exhibit.

We utilized the design of our own exhibit to not only show how a brand could be showcased with exhibit design but also included immersive digital technologies to showcase our industry-leading services and custom trade show displays.

How We Brought the MAGIC to EXHIBITOR2014

To encourage attendees and prospects to visit our booth at EXHIBITOR2014 - DesignShop created a unique Magic Card Game and sent out invites encouraging visitors to our booth to play.

The game consisted of a simple hand of 5 card stud - 4 cards taken from 1 of 5 full card decks at the booth and a fifth card which was mailed to prospects and then brought to the booth to play.

Believe it or not - the very first person to play the game, Terrence Young, drew 4 Queens and won himself a brand new iPad. AND a second winner came later in the show - Kathleen Gunderson won herself an iPad as well!!

This, yet creative game and the excitement it generated on the show floor was proof how a little creativity and pre-show marketing can generate a buzz and drive attendees to your booth on show day.

Our Take-Aways from EXHIBITOR2014

Though the show only lasts 3 days, it was a massive success for our Team! We met lots of new prospects, re-kindled some old flames and had a FUN, FUN time in the process. Some of our key take-aways were:

  • Lots of talk and interest in our interactive displays
  • We were the "new kids on the block" but made a giant splash
  • Our MAGIC card game was a huge success with 2 iPad winners!
  • Tons of event managers left our booth with ear-to-ear grins :)
  • Many folks photographed our booth (even a few competitor sneak-pics)
  • Our technology-forward exhibit drew lots of attention

EXHIBITOR2015 Here We Come!

March 2-4, 2015 - EXHIBITOR2015 will return to the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas. And DesignShop will be there bringing the MAGIC in an even bigger way!

This year's show was a true success and we wouldn't miss 2015 for the world! Thanks Exhibitor for putting on such a great event - truly inspiring!!

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