The Future of Modular Exhibit Design - The Radiance "Ideal Tool"

The Radiance "Ideal Tool"

Ever wish that there was a light-weight and AFFORDABLE trade show exhibit solution that could actually grow and expand with your business? Which could be purchased OR rented? Sounds like a lot to ask, doesn't it??

Well, the good news is - ALL of these feature DO exist and DesignShop's compact modular exhibits are the answer!

But what do we mean when we say, "compact modular" trade show exhibits? Read on and learn why they are worth a look....

What is a Modular Trade Show Exhibit?

A modular trade show exhibit isn't so much about the materials used to fabricate the display but much more about the highly configurable components that make up the structure. In fact, modular trade show exhibits may be built from a number of light-weight materials, including aluminum, and may be paired with traditional trade show panels, fabrics and other graphics materials.

The key idea behind modular trade show exhibits is that they are comprised of components, which may be configured in many ways. So, a 10'x10' inline exhibit can be easily expanded to 10'x20' or a large island configuration! Nice, right?

Enter Radiance Compact Modular Exhibits

Radiance Exhibit Systems is DesignShop’s own creation, representing the very best in compact modular trade show exhibit technology. Each compact modular exhibit features a durable aluminum support structure and large format or fabric graphics.

These portable, modular trade show displays are simple to install and easy to dismantle. And because they are so lightweight, they are about two-thirds less expensive to ship and store than a typical exhibit.

DesignShop's Innovative "Idea Tool" - Design AND Price Your Own!

When DesignShop launched the website for Radiance Compact Modular Exhibits ( - we wanted to create a unique and innovative way for our site visitors to "design" their own trade show exhibit (to own or rent). We developed an interactive portion of our website, the "Idea Tool", which walks you through the steps of "virtually" designing your very own custom, modular literally a matter of minutes!

From choosing the size of your exhibit, to the type of graphics it incorporates..... to even see a Gallery of samples for inspiration - the "Idea Tool" provides users with a fast and convenient way to see what their new exhibit will look like AND get pricing estimates as they "build"!

At the end of the process, you can even save your design - to share with others in your organization. Truly innovative as this is the first truly useable tool (no learning curve) available to the industry!!

Like to learn more about compact modular exhibits or give the "Idea Tool" a spin for yourself? Check out and Set Your Brand on FIRE!!

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