Exhibit Messaging that is Designed with a Specific Audience In-Mind Generates Success

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Ever attend a trade show and get the feeling that the majority of exhibitors at the show aren't selling anything that directly relates to you or your needs? Even if you've only been to a handful of shows, you've probably had this feeling at some point.

While it's possible you had attended a show that really didn't match up with your needs, it's more likely that most of the exhibitors you encountered weren't specifically targeting you or a persona based on prospects just like you.

But what exactly do I mean when I say "weren't targeting you"? (That statement makes you feel kinda left out, huh?)

It's most likely that a lot of the exhibits that made you feel this way simply weren't designed in a way which directly "speaks" to you, your demographics, needs and so on. Many times when a a company is having an exhibit designed, it becomes all about that business (who they are, what they sell etc) and the audience or prospective customer is an after-thought, at best.

This just isn't how it should be done. There's obviously a better way.

Target Specific Personas at Each Show

This article isn't specifically about developing "personas" (here's a link to an article we've written on that subject) - but it's worth at least defining what personas are and how they should be used.

Personas are fictional characters that you, as a trade show marketer, should develop to represent key members of your target audience or audiences. Personas would include information such as a physical description, age, gender, motivations etc. Any information that helps to paint a complete picture of what your best clients or prospects would look and act like.

And these personas should be used to mold your complete trade show marketing plan - from the design, content and layout of your exhibit, to sharing these personas with your sales team - so the best prospects become easily recognizable.

By developing specific personas, and targeting them individually at each show - you have the best chance of relating your company and products to the right prospect at the most opportune moment!

Present Your Newest, Most Innovative Products to the Right Audience at the Right Time

The shows you choose to exhibit your products and company at are your opportunity to show off your newest and most innovative products. And that is what attendees at those shows expect from you.

This should be communicated through the design of your exhibit graphics, the collateral you hand out, and of course the display of the actual products themselves. Consider who will attend each show and tailor your offering and booth graphics to present the products and services you offer, which best relate to and solve the needs of that audience at that time.

By narrowing your offerings and creating graphics and collateral which present those great products to a specific audience, you'll be creating a more clear and effective marketing message.

In fact, by keeping your booth graphics clean and your graphics text short and sweet, you'll be a able to more effectively communicate what is great about your products and your company!

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