Trade Show Marketing Tips - Success on the Show Floor

Trade Show Marketing Tips

Marketing your company & products at trade shows requires planning, effort and budget - make it an investment that pays you a return!

Enough cannot be said about the need to market to your customers and prospects in the months and days leading up to your trade show event - but that's another article. Here we're going to discuss the elements of your marketing strategy that should kick-in once the show begins and attendees start to flood the show floor.

By giving attention and planning to each of these key areas, your trade show program can be the success of the event!

Exhibit Design & Showcasing Your Brand

The design of your trade show exhibit and how you present your brand on the show floor not only says a lot about your company (for better or worse) but is also instrumental in attracting visitors to your booth. In addition, reserve space early to be sure to lock up choice exhibit space, near heavily trafficked areas.

Your exhibit should be professionally designed to relate directly to the target audience that best matches the products and services you're showcasing at the specific event you've chosen. And the design and layout of your exhibit should facilitate interaction between your sales team and prospects. Taking into consideration proper lighting, quiet space for appointments and the overall functionality of your exhibit will all lead to more success on the show floor.

Leverage Social Media on the Show Floor

Social media should have been one of the strategies you employed to spread the word about your exhibit PRIOR to the show. But now that the event has started, kick your social media content strategy into high gear.

Remember, not everyone that wanted to come to the show could make it. And lots of those customers and prospects will turn to social media to get a feel for the important events that went down and stay in touch with all they missed.

This is the perfect opportunity for you to engage these folks by Tweeting, posting to Facebook & Google Plus news from the event. Of course dropping the exciting things your company is up to on the show floor is a must. And don't just post text, feel free to share photos and video of events to those that couldn't attend.

In addition, be sure to let those that visit your booth what social channels your company routinely engages in. You'll be surprised at how many new followers you can gain over the course of the show. Get creative with it!

Have Killer Collateral and Giveaways On-Hand, Lots

Brochures, business cards and promotional giveaways go hand-in-hand with exhibiting on the trade show floor. So, you must have professionally designed, well-written materials on-hand to send away with attendees.

From a branding perspective, it's important that all of your materials have the same look, feel and tone. And of course all of your materials should support the products, services & audience you are targeting at that particular show.

A word about printing. Here is not the time to skimp on paper quality and quantities. The paper you choose for your collateral can say just as much about a printed piece as the design. Work with your designer and printer to achieve a complete collateral package that will make you look as good as possible. On quantity - do not run out of collateral on the show floor - a sales person without a business card is about as useful as an exhibit booth with no graphic panels.

Have Your Sales Team Primed & Ready

It goes without saying that your sales team needs to be pumped up, engaged and ready to have a great show. But this doesn't happen just by chance. Plan, prior to the show, how your sales staff will engage booth visitors, how leads will be captured and what responsibilities are.

Be sure that your staff welcomes attendees passing by. They shouldn't be sitting, waiting for visitors to engage them. And having an energetic and enthusiastic demeanor will pay dividends.

Have a plan for following up on leads in a timely manner. Just do!

Share Your Expertise and Thought Leadership

Every show has discussion panels, learning sessions and/or round tables. Capture more attention for your company by sharing your expertise and participating in show sponsored events. Be a presenter, be a speaker, show attendees that your business has thought leaders and a better way of helping them.

By positioning your company as experts in your field, you'll find attendees reaching out to you for more information about how you can make their businesses and lives more successful.

Socialize with Other Exhibitors and Attendees

The nature of trade show events is for companies to be able to share information, in-person, with each other and their prospects. Simple.

Engage this social nature and engage with other exhibitors, experts from panels and of course customer prospects. You never know where the next conversation will lead and what partnerships may result.

Of course, if you'd like to learn more about becoming successful on the show floor - DesignShop is your Team. Give us a call and we'll share our years of expertise in making businesses just like yours more successful in your trade show marketing efforts!

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