Targeting Personas Through Trade Show Marketing

Targeting Personas Through Trade Show Marketing

As marketers, specifically in this case - trade show marketers - we're all familiar with the idea of our "target market" and to that end "target market research". In our efforts to brand and market our business, products and services - we understand that we must know who we're trying to sell to and ultimately what makes them tick.

During our target audience research, we're typically evaluating information such as demographics (age, gender, financial status), geographics and phychographics (values, motivations, fears & lifestyles). As well as other data and thoughts that give us insight to who our target audience or audiences are, and how to reach them.

What many marketers either overlook or may not be familiar with though is the technique of developing "Personas". 

What is a Persona?

By definition, a persona is simply this: A social role or character played by an actor.

In marketing, this same idea comes with a bit of a twist. Personas are fictional characters developed to represent very specific segments of your target market or better yet - individuals within your market segment. So, you might develop a handful of personas (1 for each market you target) - which consist of information like age, gender, style, motivations, goals, etc.

Personas Based on Your Best Clients

To take this a step further, personas should be developed to represent the short list of your very best clients. You should take into consideration of course, why you believe they are your best customers. Are they profitable? Pay on time? Less resistant to paying a premium for quality service? Or are they great clients based on personality as well?

Once you have created a short list of the clients that you simply wish you had 100 more just like them - you can create individual profiles or personas to help you identify prospects with the same qualities. These personas should be detailed enough that you can share them with other members of your trade show staff and sales team, from which they should be able to easily spot and qualify new prospects - that turn into great clients.

You might even go as far as creating files, cards or posters to share with colleagues to help them understand what your personas represent. Adding illustrations or photos of what each persona might look like can be a fun and powerful addition to your personas.

How Personas and Trade Shows Go Together

Personas and trade show marketing go hand-in-hand!

From choosing which shows to attend to the design and staffing of your trade show booth, the personas you develop should be the guiding light in your decision making.

Ask yourself, which shows does this persona attend? What are the unique characteristics of each should your trade show graphics and booth design speak to? And how can our trade show booth staff and sales team best spot and turn the best prospects into bona fide leads and then raving fans?

In fact, your personas should assist your trade show efforts by shaping everything you do from choosing venues to lead follow-up. Know who you're marketing to and create real connections that bring in the best clients.

Like to know how to better reach the best prospects? Give this trade show company a shout - we'd love to learn about your best customers and help you get more just like them!

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