Custom Rental Trade Show Exhibits & Their Environmental Benefits

exhibit rental reduces waste

Custom trade show rental exhibits and booths provide a number of benefits to companies that desire the look and feel of a custom exhibit, but have restricted budgets. There are of course other benefits to renting your trade show booth that include: 

  • Eliminating the need for shipping and storage ($$)
  • Attending only a show or two each year
  • Exhibiting at events outside of your home country

In short, there are many pros to choosing to rent your company's next trade show display in lieu of purchasing a custom-designed and built trade show exhibit.

A Greener Alternative to Purchasing Your Trade Show Exhibit

There are other benefits to renting a trade show booth however, that often go overlooked. When companies purchase custom exhibits, ESPECIALLY those built for short term use - the materials that go into the construction are often not reusable. This in turn creates an unfortunate amount of wasted materials, in the form of wood, metals and plastics.

Renting a trade show booth on the other hand, for a single show or just a few shows, eliminates the need for exhibits that are built and "burned" in a short period. In other words, your company utilizes the components of the exhibit for your show, and once the show is over, the rental is utilized by another company and so on.....

This process ensures that the components used in a trade show rental scenario are utilized for years, not single events - thereby decreasing their impact on the use of natural resources and the environment. 

Through trade show rental programs, we're simply using fewer resources and less materials end up in our landfills! So, you save your business money and the planet suffers less. That's a win, win!

Less to Store Decreases Building and Energy Usage

By renting trade show exhibits, we can also reduce the sheer number of trade show exhibits in storage. Think about that for a moment, and what the impact is of storing trade show exhibits. Of course your custom trade show exhibit must be stored in doors and in a climate controlled environment.

For each booth that is stored, more space inside of storage facilities means creating more or larger buildings. This not only impacts the environment by creating more buildings, using more natural resources, but also increases the energy being consumed by the need for more storage facilities.

Again, because the same rental components are used by many customers over the course of the year, we can reduce the amount of overall storage space needed and their draw on energy requirements.

So, if you exhibit at only a few shows each year, consider trade show rentals a more environment-friendly alternative. They're not bad on the wallet either!

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