Size Really Doesn't Matter - Large or Small, Rental Trade Show Exhibits Are a Real Option

Rental Trade Show Exhibit

When considering your options for your next trade show event, especially if the budget is a bit tight or your company needs to be represented at multiple shows at the same time - rental exhibits could be a very real alternative. Not only are custom rental exhibits a cost effective solution, but trade show exhibit rentals can serve other needs as well:

  • If Your company is not positive that trade shows are the way to go, you can test the waters at a single or few events
  • You only attend a few events each year
  • You don't want to incur the costs of trade show exhibit storage and shipping
  • You'd like to spend more of your budget on trade show marketing and graphics

So now that we understand some of the benefits of renting a custom trade show exhibit, what about accommodating the size of your show space?  Well, more good news!

Whether you have purchased a 10'x10' or 100'x100' exhibit space, there is a custom exhibit rental solution for you. Custom exhibit rentals are truly that - custom! And appropriately can be configured to the smallest of exhibit spaces all the way up to the largest and most prolific spots at the show. In fact, you're the only one that will know that your booth is a rental, they're THAT good!

Accommodating the Rental Needs of Smaller Exhibit Spaces

To start with smaller sized exhibits, rental compact modular exhibits, like those found at Radiance Compact Modular Exhibit Solutions, offers exhibitors complete brand presence while significantly reducing costs.

But don't think that by renting a compact modular display that your company will be sacrificing on design or features.

Today's rental compact modulars boast design enhancements such as arches, curves, LED light boxes and custom colors. And of course by tricking out your rental display with custom graphics, you can truly make your exhibit an extension of your brand.

Small doesn't necessarily mean limited!

Custom Rental Exhibit Solutions Have the Big Boys Covered Too!

Of course when you're in need of a larger custom rental exhibit - even a 100'x100' giant - rentals can still be an intelligent and cost saving option.

With programs such as ShowSmart from DesignShop, custom rental exhibits can create the same drama and excitement found in owned trade show properties. Just with the cost flexibility and benefits that only rental programs offer.

Truly, from the smallest modular exhibits to show-stopping giants - rental trade show exhibits are often the most logical choice for your company's marketing event.

To learn more about how DesignShop can assist with your trade show needs, give us a shout! We'd love to show you how rental trade show programs can elevate your brand while keeping your budget in-check!

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