Trade Show Display Do's and Don'ts - Top 20

Trade Show Display

There are plenty of articles out there telling you what to do and what not do at your trade show and while you are working your trade show exhibit. But what about when you are first starting to shop for your trade show display? Here’s a quick checklist to help you remember what’s important when purchasing your trade show booth.

Trade Show Exhibit Purchasing Do's

  1. Research and get recommendations for a full-service exhibit firm
  2. Work with a proven, reputable company
  3. Get to know your account executive
  4. Ask questions
  5. Determine how many shows you will be attending
  6. Find out what size booth you will need
  7. Consider rental as an option
  8. Remember to budget for shipping and storage costs
  9. Budget for install and dismantle for each show 
  10. Pay attention to your color scheme
  11. Incorporate great graphics into your design
  12. Include proper lighting for your booth
  13. Decide what, if any, technology you will need for your display
  14. Recognize who your attendees will be and how you want to engage with them
  15. Think about traffic flow when designing your booth
  16. Plan for a private area to talk with clients
  17. Define your sales strategy and goals
  18. Leave enough time to organize and create your collateral materials
  19. Determine how you will define “success” at the show
  20. Plan to update your booth on a regular basis

Trade Show Exhibit Purchasing Don’ts

  1. Trust your trade show display to just anyone
  2. Discount the importance of a quality trade show exhibit
  3. Think you can’t afford “custom”
  4. Be afraid to ask questions
  5. Rush through the design discovery phase
  6. Be closed to new ideas and new designs
  7. Design your trade show to just look good (remember your goals)
  8. Forget about custom trade show flooring
  9. Ignore what needs to be accomplished at the show
  10. Overcrowd your booth with every product you have
  11. Depend on swag to bring people into your booth
  12. Create graphics that are difficult to read from a distance
  13. Disappear! Stay in contact with your account executive 
  14. Rely on a passive display 
  15. Depend on the conference’s internet connection 
  16. Wait until the last minute to order marketing and display materials
  17. Think clients will automatically find you - make appointments in advance
  18. Put off your social media campaign until the trade show - start early
  19. Think you’re done after the show - follow up with people you met
  20. Forget how important it is to properly store your exhibit

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