Is a Modular Trade Show Exhibit Right for You?

Modular Trade Show Exhibit

What’s the big deal about a modular trade show exhibit? Can that really be the answer for you? What does modular mean anyway? Merriam-Webster defines modular as - constructed with standardized units or dimensions for flexibility and variety in use. Yep, that’s exactly it.


Modular trade show displays are lightweight and made to change the configuration of the exhibit. You can start off with a 10'x10' exhibit and expand it to a 10' x 20' exhibit. As your company grows and exhibition needs change that inline booth can now expand into an island or peninsula configuration.


Unlike a pop-up display, the modular exhibit has many accessories that enhance your space. Going modular gives you the flexibility to add literature pockets, knock-down cabinetry, and AV solutions such as video monitors and accent lighting.


Radiance Exhibit Systems


These portable trade show displays are easy to install and easy to dismantle and because they are so lightweight, they are about two-thirds less expensive to ship and store than a typical exhibit. Radiance Exhibit Systems™, DesignShop’s own creation, feature a durable aluminum support structure and large format or fabric graphics.


It's super easy to design if you are limited on time to design a configuration or layout. Try it for yourself. You can design your exhibit with our idea tool. It's as simple as 1, 2, 3. Besides just a pretty picture, you'll be provided with a price as well to answer your question of "how much does it cost?"


Bottom line, modular trade show displays are lightweight, easy to travel with, less expensive to ship to a show and versatile. That's the big deal.

Modular Trade Show Display
Modular Trade Show Display
Modular Trade Show Display

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"DesignShop did an extraordinary good job. We loved it very much; especially the colors, shape and white carpet in the booth. "

Andreas Kees, Managing DirectorMedmix

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