Social Media and Your Trade Show Event

Social Media and Your Trade Show Event

Although you may personally want to avoid social media you simply cannot ignore it in your professional life. Unless you want your company to be ignored. Yes, really.

If 60% of Americans are on Facebook today - wouldn’t it be safe to assume 60% of your trade show attendees are too? And if you don’t engage with these potential clients, your competitors will.

A lot of people erroneously think that sending out a few pictures during the trade show event is enough to build a social following - that they’ve done due diligence - but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Social Engagement Before Your Event

Social media is about engaging with your clients and prospects and encouraging an interactive two-way conversation. It is not enough to just push out content that you think is relevant. Think of what you need to do to prepare for your next trade show exhibit. Are there experiences or decisions to make that your clients might be interested in? Ask them!

Then you can build up momentum by showing the process of getting ready for the trade show. All the trials and tribulations along the way. Make your clients and prospects a part of the event planning process so they are happy when you are successful or can empathize if things go wrong. Maybe there are lessons to be learned for you and them. Use this time to set appointments for the trade show. Engaging your clients is the key. Being human and interacting on a personal level will build strong relationships. 

Social Engagement At the Trade Show Event

Here’s your time to shine. Take and share photos of your trade show booth. Highlight great sessions. Invite people to come to your trade show booth. Have any promotions or specials you can share? Having a guest speaker? Post, tweet, pin ANYTHING you can share to socially engage the attendees. And do it often. Be sure to include hashtags and links back to the trade show event itself. Encourage attendees to share content and retweet for you. Direct message people you meet. But be careful - you may find that you are enjoying yourself!

You can have some fun at your trade show event with video sharing through Instagram. Make sure you record during the sessions. You can share a clip of a presentation if it is relevant to your business or if you think your clients would be interested. You can share videos of the crowds of attendees swarming your amazing trade show exhibit (well, it is amazing if it is from DesignShop). 

DesignShop actually offers a unique trade show event experience with the ShowCast Remote Broadcast Studio. Just turn on the lights and clip on a mic to stream live from your trade show booth. Find more information here

Post Event Engagement

Now just because your trade show exhibit is packed up and you’re heading home - don’t put your feet up. You are not done. In order to make the most out of your experience, you must follow up with the people you met during the trade show event. A little gratitude goes a long way so be sure to thank your clients and prospects.  Direct message and thank the trade show event organizers. Your website should include an area for blog posts - so be sure to write a blog article about your trade show event and social media experience. The more original content you can post, the better.

That wasn’t so bad, was it?

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