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Rental Trade Show Exhibit

You just started working for XYZ and have been charged with creating a trade show exhibit for an upcoming industry trade show. The problem is you have never shopped for a trade show exhibit - what to do? Take a deep breath and do what we all do at this point - search the web.

Fortunately, through your internet search you find DesignShop, an industry leading, full-service custom exhibit, event and trade show display services firm. You are definitely at a great starting point.

Trade Show Exhibit Rental is Cost Effective

You check out their website and realize you can purchase an exhibit or rent an exhibit. Which way to go? Since this is the first trade show that XYZ is attending and they are not sure if trade shows are part of their long term strategy, renting may be the best option. Renting a trade show exhibit is usually less expensive than purchasing an exhibit, you don’t have to worry about shipping the exhibit back to the office and you won’t have to store it or pay to store it - which can be costly. When you rent an exhibit, install and dismantle are often included, eliminating one more hassle.

Exhibit Rental Let's You Test the Waters

Maybe XYZ will decide exhibiting at trade shows should be part of their marketing strategy. By renting this first exhibit from DesignShop, you’ll be able to decide if this is the right display for you before investing big bucks. You may decide you would rather purchase an island trade show display versus an inline trade show booth - renting will give you the flexibility to make the right choice for XYZ. 

Down the road when XYZ has the opportunity to attend multiple trade shows, renting will offer the affordable way to have a presence at both shows. Plus you’ll have the ability to have larger space at an appropriate show.

ShowSmart™Trade Show Exhibit Rental From DesignShop

Yes, trade show exhibit rental is what you choose and you decide to investigate ShowSmart™Trade Show Exhibit Rental, a nationwide trade show exhibit rental program offered exclusively by DesignShop. You call and speak with an account representative and find out the ShowSmart™ program offers infinite design possibilities including arches, curves and light boxes and has been very successful for DesignShop clients like Ford, Real Networks, Morgan Stanley, Celebrity Cruise Lines and the National Hot Rod Association. An impressive group to be associated with. Plus, with the money you save renting, you can incorporate some killer graphic components that will be sure to impress. Renting the exhibit will give you the flexibility to change your graphics from show to show.

Great job - now onto the corporate event you have to plan.

(psst, DesignShop can help with that too!)

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trade show exhibit rental
trade show exhibit rental

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