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At DesignShop we are proud of the exceptional, innovative projects we create for our clients. We love to work on museum exhibit design but one special project stands out for our team.

In 2012 DesignShop was chosen to help launch the Space Shuttle Pavilion at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum at Pier 86 in Manhattan - new home to NASA’s first space shuttle, Enterprise. The Enterprise was the 1976 prototype space shuttle orbiter that inspired the shuttles that followed. We were privileged to be included in such an important part of America’s achievements.

The Space Shuttle Pavilion consists of a 38-foot long by 17-foot high observation platform that allows guests to get up close and personal with this incredible piece of America’s history. DesignShop was honored to create the graphic pieces for the grand entry and exit walls of the observation platform. 

In addition to the exhibit fabrications, DesignShop worked with the Intrepid Museum to
develop a “Sponsor a Star” donation wall with interactive kiosks that display special
animations for donors that support the Project Enterprise initiative - an effort to provide funding for programming surrounding the shuttle and to build a permanent home for the shuttle. To make a donation and be part of history, click here

From Assistant General Manager Wendi Ward, “Being a part of the team that brought the historic space shuttle Enterprise to the Intrepid Museum had an impact on me personally and professionally. As a Floridian, the space shuttle program had a significant impact on me growing up, as we were able to see each launch from our backyards. I remember watching them all in real time, including the tragic Challenger launch and Columbia re-entry. Because of my love and awe of the accomplishments of the space shuttle program, being involved with making a piece of it a permanent part of our American history and facilitating the ability for others to learn about the accomplishments and significance of this important part of American and Florida's history made me proud to be a part of the DesignShop team that made that possible.” 

The gratification our team felt can be summed up by Lauren Shure, DesignShop’s National Account Manager, “The Space Shuttle Enterprise Pavilion at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum was the first time a project I was involved in was broadcast on television for the world to see. It’s rare to touch so many people on such a grand scale with something I do every day at work. Knowing that people from around the world were going to celebrate and enjoy the immersive environment I helped to create to commemorate our first test flight into NASA’s Space Shuttle Program is an honor I will never forget.” 

Unfortunately, the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum sustained damage during Hurricane Sandy in October 2012. Good news - the museum was able to reopen just six weeks later. Great news - the Space Shuttle Pavilion at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum is scheduled to reopen July 10, 2013. 

We encourage you to plan a visit if you are ever in New York.  Visit

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"DesignShop did an extraordinary good job. We loved it very much; especially the colors, shape and white carpet in the booth. "

Andreas Kees, Managing DirectorMedmix

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