Don’t Look Down on Custom Trade Show Flooring

Custom Trade Show Flooring

You enter the trade show exhibit hall and are immediately overwhelmed with hundreds of exhibitors. You get the map. You know exhibitors will try to lure you in with samples, the smell of popcorn, a magician, comfy chairs, the dreaded prize wheel - but you have a plan. You will start at the far end and walk up and down the aisles. You promise yourself you will not get distracted.

And then after awhile it hits you - I missed an aisle - How did I end up here? I think I’m wandering aimlessly. Was it the colors of this booth or was I excited to see XYZ company? What happened to my plan!?

Relax, don’t be so hard on yourself. Maybe you weren’t exactly wandering aimlessly, maybe you were being guided. What? Yes, subconsciously guided by the patterns in the carpet......

Think about it. When you walk around the hall, you see the 24 foot hanging signs and they catch your eye but they are not the last thing you see when you approach an exhibit - you are probably looking right in front of you or down at the floor.

As an exhibitor, think about how you use the space you’ve paid for - all of the space - including the flooring. With dual-color contour cuts in the carpet, corporate identification and messaging in your carpeting, you can visually organize patterns to guide visitors and illustrate products.

Don’t just think carpeting - think custom trade show flooring - what about faux wood flooring? Synthetic flooring is durable, resistant to stains and versatile. You can get your flooring with a bit of backing to make it comfortable for your exhibitors who are on their feet all day. So thoughtful of you.

Just as you have guided visitors to your exhibit booth, you can offer a subconscious reminder that you are a step above the competition by using a raised floor to create that feeling. Raised flooring also offers you the practicality of running wires or plumbing under your exhibit - handy.

Now go back to your plan and walk up and down the aisles. Or don’t. Why don’t you see where the custom trade show flooring takes you?

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