Design European Flair into Your Trade Show Exhibit

European Flair in Trade Show Design

Trade Show Management & Design with Flair!

Remember the movie, Cocktail, with young Tom Cruise (you know, before he became brainwashed)? He tossed those bottles in the air, poured mouth-watering libations and dazzled his patrons. The whole point of flair bartending is to entertain patrons and enhance the overall guest experience. And the handsome Tom Cruise is nothing, if not entertaining.

When you design your trade show exhibit, why not think flair? Why not make your display booth engaging and entertaining?

The Europeans do just that when they design their trade show booths. They have a certain flair, a distinctive style of elegance and practicality when it comes to their trade show booths that can serve you well. They create their exhibits with people in mind rather than products.

European trade show exhibitors also build their displays with high quality, high tech, lightweight materials that are meant to last for a long time. They incorporate flexibility into their displays so they can be quickly changed depending on the show and the audience. And they integrate simple yet elegant design elements to showcase their whole company’s message.

In the U.S., exhibitors focus on displaying and selling products while the Europeans like to showcase their company’s personality rather than a particular product line.

Custom Trade Show Exhibit Design that Deepens the Relationship

Europeans know that people buy from people and so they demand hospitality in their trade show display booths. When designing your custom exhibit make sure to allow for a fluid traffic flow within the display and have customer engagement areas that allow for face to face interactions. Your product may be just what your customers are looking for but if you don’t create a relationship with your customers you probably won’t make the sale.

So when you visit with Doug Hughes and the DesignShop team, let them know you’d like to incorporate a little European flair in your exhibit booth. It could be risky business if you don’t.

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