DesignShop Team Member Brian Mobley, Custom Technician

Brian Mobley, Custom Technician

“Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.” - Steve Jobs

At DesignShop, we pride ourselves on having developed a culture of excellence within our organization. This endeavor manifests itself in everything our Team does. From the initial consultative contact by one of our experienced Account Executives, to the successful completion of the exhibit project by our professional Installation Team, DesignShop offers a complete solution for all of your tradeshow, event and environment needs….based solely upon a passion for Excellence!

From time to time, we like to take a moment to make mention of a specific Team member that has for one reason or another, made a difference for DesignShop and our clients through their commitment to Excellence. One such example (among many on our production Team) is Custom Technician, Brian Mobley.

Brian joined our team a little over a year ago, initially in an introductory/internship role. However, with a degree in architectural building technology, Brian very quickly showed his worth on the production Team. With the skills to provide everything from exhibit fabrication and custom electrical expertise to on-site exhibit and environment installation supervision, Brian has played a significant role in every major exhibit project DesignShop has taken on since his arrival. 

We already think highly of our Team, but recently Brian received high praise from one of our clients that bears repeating here:

“Too often we don’t take time anymore to let a business know how pleased we are when we receive great customer service. Brian Mobley brought comfort to me immediately. He took leadership and his ability to perform was amazing. Both myself, and our VP of Marketing were so pleased with his service. He represented your company with the utmost excellence.”

Margarita Henry
Sales & Marketing Operations Manager
Charisma Media

Brian, while Margarita may have been telling us things we already knew about you, there simply is no substitute for receiving praise from those we are all here to serve, our clients. Thank you for all the hard work….have no doubt it is being noticed. Keep up the great work!

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"DesignShop was there at each step to make sure we were ready for the event. "

Jill Hepp, Director of MarketingAccel Performance/Mr. Gasket

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