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In addition to our award winning exhibit designs, ShowSmart™ custom rental exhibit program, and world-class exhibit and environment fabrication capabilities, DesignShop offers specialized payment and onsite show service solutions tailored to each individual client. 

Not every trade show program carries the same demands. With that in mind, we have developed a suite of options that can combine to offer superior service and savings. One of the most common solutions offered for an opportunity to realize a discount would be a multi-show or multi-year exhibit rental package.

ShowPak™ Multi-Show Packages – Securing an exhibit from our ShowSmart™ custom rental exhibit inventory for more than one show creates an opportunity to receive a ShowPak™ discount that will lower your per show investment. Should you decide to explore other options before the end of the contract, our no hassle terms allow you to sever the agreement without obligation for future event costs.

Another concern exhibitors deal with is “mission creep”. How many times have you signed a contract and planned for one set of costs only to discover after the show that there was a significant cost overrun? DesignShop has developed a way to deal with that.

OnePrice™ Guarantee – Select ShowSmart™ custom rental exhibit clients can enroll in our signature OnePrice™ program. OnePrice™ simply means no surprises and no additional billing after the show!  The price proposed and agreed to for the scope-of-work outlined prior to your event is the only amount you will be charged. OnePrice™ means less headaches, complete control of your show budget, and more peace of mind.

In an industry completely driven by deadlines, it is imperative to be ready to go when the appointed date arrives. Nothing can destroy your exhibition investment more than not being ready to go when the show opens. It just so happens, we have a solution for that.

SolidStart™ Installation – ShowSmart™ custom rental exhibit projects that qualify will receive, free of charge, a dedicated full-time DesignShop labor supervisor during the most critical phase of any trade show – installation. There is no substitute for having the same person who prepped, packed and shipped your exhibit also be the one in charge of setting it up. Our experienced team members will travel wherever needed to oversee and manage the installation of your exhibit, ensuring a SolidStart™ to your event!

Be sure to ask us how these specialized exhibit programs can help your budget Go Further!

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